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An Interview with Photographer Beau Simmons


An Interview with Photographer Beau Simmons

Christophe Chaisson

Beau Simmons is a 26 year old photographer/cinematographer living in Laguna Niguel, CA. His fresh creative outlook provides amazing content that is never boring or repetitive. Whether it is landscapes or portraits, you can be sure his photography will be beautiful and the highest of quality. 

When did you first become interested in photography?
“I first became interested in photography at a pretty young age when my Father was a film photographer/sports journalist. It didn’t become a serious profession until about 2013 though.”

How did you develop your style?

“Lots of late nights spent on my computer and head banging to hard rock music.”

Were you self-taught or did you learn in school/from a mentor?

What themes do you explore through your work?
“I like to either capture old school 70’s/90’s looks or put the model in a very unique location/landscape.”

How do you find and choose you subjects or locations?
“I love to visit National Parks and find new places or I find random spots in neighborhoods with great lighting.”

What inspires your work?
“Always looking back at photos I’ve taken and thinking of new ways to recreate them.”

How do you compose an image? Do you go into the shoot with a specific shot in mind, or does the inspiration strike when you place your model in the setting?
“I tend to be pretty tedious with my shots. I usually put the outfits, poses, and locations in my notes and just shoot until I have everything I wanted.”

What has been your biggest lesson learned through creating your art?
“Don’t look at other photographer’s work. Stick to one style.”

What do you hope your art says to people?
“This shit is amazing.”

Check him out on Instagram @beausimmons to continue seeing moments of beautiful people in stunning places. We have enjoyed following Beau for a while now and it was a privilege to get together and hear more of his journey as a photographer.