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SPRING has always been a season of awakening; For a few long months the World—and Nature—sleeps only to be revived in an exciting spectacle. Slumbering fauna emerge from their dens to greet us with fresh-faced infants and birds fly home bringing their song peace and joy. The flora of nature burst forth with shocking hues of pastel reassuring each patron of their beauty that warmer weather has come to stay with a fireworks show of color. Nature’s season of renewal is Spring, and so is our own. Each spring we are offered a unique chance to be reborn, to recreate ourselves in an image more suited to our ideas, and in a way that lets all who behold the change know we have grown wiser. Spring is a season to celebrate, so celebrate with is as we herald in the fresh air of Spring.

The Issue: Releases late March 2014 and will feature the stories of makers and doers from across the globe along with recipes, ideas, and enriching content designed to whisk you into the ethos of FOLK. More purchasing information will be added once the issue is totally complete and ready for ordering.

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To finance the creation of this issue and to allow for a timely release we will include a very minimal number of advertisement pages. Details regarding ad space are as follows.

The issue will have a total audience of 830,000 + readers. That includes 800,000 digital readers, 20,000 subscription based readers, and 14,000 deluxe edition readers.

Each advertisement will receive the corresponding ad size within the issue, placement in 6-8 of our daily email newsletters throughout the on-shelf window, promotion via our extensive social media, and inclusion in our website advertising. Additional advertising details can be arranged such as promotional materials placed in select soft-bound book edition copies, etc.

Advertisement pricing is as follows:

Full Page: $500.00 | Half Page: $300.00 | Fourth Page: $200.00

Spacing is very limited. For more information or to reserve your space please email

Advertising revenue will be used for the printing, production, and promotion costs of this issue.

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New Issues are Released Seasonally, 4 Times Per Year

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