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Meet Dylan Neuhaus


Meet Dylan Neuhaus

Christophe Chaisson

My Name is Dylan, I am a 22 year old student/retail manager/photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Autumn is my favorite thing about living in the Northeast, to me there is no better subject on earth to photograph. There is something magical about throwing on your favorite boots and flannel, hopping in the car, and heading North towards New Paltz, stopping routinely to take photos of old rotten buildings, broken down rusted out cars, and of course for apple cider donuts. Spending a lot of my youth in Connecticut, I grew up exploring the state and finding some of my favorite spots that I continue to go back to year after year, and as of recent I have been spending a lot of time exploring the Hudson Valley, which has quickly found a special place in my heart. Autumn will most likely keep me living in the Northeast for the rest of my life, next year I hope to take all of October off from work, so I can travel the area, and shoot countless rolls of film throughout the entire month. 


Instagram @Dylanxneuhaus