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Christophe Chaisson

Meet Benjamin Shea. He is a maker that runs a small business in Pennsylvania crafting beautiful pieces of wooden furniture. Hearing from him and being able to see his fantastic work was an absolute delight. 

Photo by     @rafael_fontana

Photo by  @rafael_fontana

My name is Benjamin Shea and my wife's name is Amanda Shea, together we run O'shea custom woodwork and furniture design located in Lititz, PA 

I always loved working with my hands, creating, building and fixing things. 

I used to be in the music industry but found that I enjoy crafting furniture better. 

I made the jump over to building furniture before I was married, I figured it was the right time and I had recently moved to a farm house that had more room for me to build. 

My wife and I design everything we build, we love working with wood and creating beautiful functional pieces that fit people's need and style. 

We've built so many pieces and in so many styles over the years but have come to find that we love simple and clean lines to our pieces, more mid century/Danish influenced. Our favorite wood to work with is probable walnut because there is so much beauty in it and it's a long lasting wood. 

We have seen that the more we grow and find our own style and make furniture that we love and turn down some jobs because it doesn't represent us that well, the more we grow as a business. 



We live in a farm and live a pretty quiet life, we love it that way. We have 5 dogs and love having them around in the shop. 

We love meeting new clients and making relationships with them, being genuine, thankful and actually caring about people creates a beautiful life in where everyone that you meet becomes a experience that brings more joy to what we do. 

Every piece we make has a lot of attention and that is something that translates and is clear in our products, nothing is just ran through without being looked at over and over. 

From the beginning of the process, quality is never compromised because styles will change and people change but our pieces are made to live long past all that. 

Our lumber is responsibly sourced and we know all our suppliers pretty well, we take our dogs to play with their kids and we try and make it about more than just making money for everybody. 

 Photo by    @rafael_fontana

 Photo by  @rafael_fontana

One of the biggest lessons we have learned is how to communicate better and find out what people want. People don't always know what they want, even when they "know what they want" 

Our products can be found both on our site and on Etsy. We ship everything anywhere in the USA. 

We aren't a big company and we don't plan on having a bunch of employees ever because we don't want to lose contact with our clients and we want to be able to know who they are and they can just call us and talk to us. 

O'Shea Woodwork is a business that embodies the values that we cherish here at Folk. Family, hard work, authenticity. Check out any of the links below to share you support for the important maker movement that they belong to.