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Yosemite | The Live Authentic Tour


Yosemite | The Live Authentic Tour

Ben Ashby


A couple months ago @rseabve and I grabbed a new Cadillac CTS and headed from LA to NYC. Our goal along the way was to see as many National Parks as we could in three weeks. Today we begin sharing that journey with you! Our first stop was Yosemite National Park…


Once @rseabve and I arrived at Yosemite in the Cadillac CTS we were immediately hit with some of the best and most scenic views of any of the 59 national parks here in the U.S. This view is of Half Dome. Yosemite was the nations second nation park, but has been a protected area since Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant during his presidency and the OG hipster John Muir lobbied for the area outside of the valley to be added to the protected area as well. After the OG American badass Teddy Roosevelt created the National Parks Service in 1916 the Yosemite area was added shortly after Yellowstone became the first national park.

So the secret….this view is literally a pull off on the side of the highway. If you’re looking for a national park to visit, but don’t have the ability or desire to spend hours hiking for views…go to Yosemite. @rseabve and I only had a day to spend in Yosemite, and sadly none of that included time for hikes. 


The history of Yosemite begins 10,000 years ago when people first visited the valley. By 3000 years ago the Ahwahneechee tribe had settled in the valley. They would remain here until the American government would force them out in the mid 19th century. Their villages were burned, their people were slaughtered, and the first tourists arrived in 1855 as four New Yorkers came to the valley to document the nature for an exhibit in the city. Today you can stay in a variety of lodging at the park. @rseabve and I are especially fond of the tents!