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Bedding by the Sea

Ben Ashby






I've been shooting product photography for years…but I stepped back at the beginning of this year to look at my past work, and I  realized I wanted to challenge myself to create more elaborate and elevated images. Last month while standing on the banks of the Pacific in La Push, Washington I could visually see this very cinematic moment of a bed on the beach with the waves crashing around it and the cliffs in the background. The sky would be grey and the bedding would be shades of the nature sounding the bed. When I returned home I discovered Macy’s American grown damask collection and I knew this was the bedding fit for the ideas I had filling my head. 


Macy’s Charter Club Damask Bedding and Sheets are made of Supima cotton grown in the US. The bedding and sheets come in a crazy broad variety of colors, but for this set I stuck with the charcoals, greys, and navy from the solids and stripes collection. I loved that I could mix and match the solids and stripes and still feel like I had a cohesive look. 




For the shoot that ended up in the images I hopped from La Push, Washington on the Pacific over to Montauk, New York on the Atlantic. I had events in New York City that prevented me from flying back to the Pacific Northwest and after seeing images from friends of Montauk I knew I could easily create my original vision down by the lighthouse at the very end of Long Island. 




Whether you’re styling a photoshoot by the ocean or putting together a cozy and inviting bedroom space I have some tips that I, as a bedding hoarder, have learned over the years. 


  1. Give Supima cotton a try. It is deliciously soft and smooth. 
  2. Never be afraid to mix and match. The Charter Club Damask collection thrives when the colors and textures vary. Keep top sheets and bottom sheets the same color, but be open to having different colors and patterns of pillow cases and pillow shams. Nothing is more boring that bedding that is all the same and same color. 
  3. Incorporate natural elements into every room. Keep plants or fresh flowers in every space to provide a freshness and breathability to the space. They help encourage positive energy within the space. Use rocks and driftwoods as additional elements. 
  4. Think seasonally. I change my bedding out with the seasons, not just because of the temperature change, but to help brighten the mood during the long and dark winter months. I am drawn to lights and brights during the winter while drawn to neutrals and calming colors during the summer.
  5. Make your space uniquely you. For me I always mix super modern new elements, like the grey and navy of the Charter Club Damask bedding with antique and vintage elements. I like a space to have a narrative and share a story.