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Kelsey Wallace and her Paisley Pig

Ben Ashby

 I realized I was traveling the world shooting and meeting makers and small business owners...all while never paying nearly enough attention to downtown Beaver Dam. When I found out Kelsey was opening a shop in my old building...I knew it was the perfect place to start. The Paisley Pig opens tomorrow! I sat down with Kelsey this week and asked a few questions about opening a store in a small town, who inspires her, and the idea of returning to her hometown. 

Questions and Answers:

Why did you want to open a store?

  • Upon graduating from OCHS, I moved to Bowling Green to attend WKU. I found myself spending every free afternoon in Downtown Bowling Green at the Square. I found so much joy strolling in and out of their shops because it was a convenience I had never been around. Living in Ohio County my whole life I didn't have the chance to walk out my front door and be two minutes from a contemporary clothing store, it was in those days window shopping on The Square that Paisley Pig Boutique began to form.

Why did you want to open Paisley Pig in a small town?

  • I chose to open Paisley Pig Boutique in a small town because so many times small town people are forced to go outside of their county to find trendy clothing. I so vividly remember coming home from school the day before a big event to my mom loading us kids up to make a quick trip to Owensboro for a new dress. Paisley Pig Boutique hopes to bust the myth that you can only find cute clothes in big cities.

Why is it important to support small towns and small businesses?

  • Small towns are a snapshot into the past. In a world that is ever changing and at a high speed pace, small towns are a break from reality. Small towns still hold on to the roots and values in which our country was founded upon, letting small towns go would let the heart of America go. By supporting small town businesses you are keeping rural America alive and thriving.

What are you most excited to carry?

  • Paisley Pig Boutique will carry women's sizes S- 3XL, children & men's clothing. Along with popular boutique brands Paisley Pig will feature items from Shop Local KY, Matilda Jane and Southern Point Co. Shoes and accessories will also be available. I am most excited about carrying "Mary & Milvie" Jewelry, because the jewelry is locally made by a team of sister entrepreneurs at ages 9 and 13.

What do you see being your biggest asset?

  • My biggest asset is easily my family. Each and everyone of them have put their own touch on the store from building displays to steaming clothes, Paisley Pig Boutique is made possible by them.

What do you see as being your biggest hurdle?

  • I feel my biggest hurdle is changing the mindset of community members from believing they have to drive out of town for cute and affordable clothing.

What/who inspires what you're doing?

  • I am most inspired by Joanna Gaines, not only because she is a successful business woman in many different areas but because even though she is successful she still remains humble and gives all her glory to God.


Paisley Pig Boutique can be found on Facebook @paisleypigboutiqueoc & on Instagram @paisleypig_oc.