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Our Favorite Brooklyn Instagrams

Zack Peterson

As we prepare for American Field - Brooklyn to take place this weekend, we wanted to share with y'all just some of our favorite Brooklyn Instagrams! Which Brooklyn Instagrams are you following that you think we should be following as well? Let us know! Can't wait to see you at American Field this weekend!




Will Taylor is the creator of the colourfully popular blog Bright.Bazaar and author of two successful interior design books, photographing his vivid journeys one photo at a time.




Ryan Fitzgibbon is the founder of a bi-annually published magazine, beautifully curated to explore the stories of men who date men, better known as Hello Mr. And he also happens to take wonderful photos as well.




New York City lifestyle blogger of Scout Sixteen, Justin Livingston writes about fashion, home, and travel to inspire and seek new discoveries for others.




Drawing inspiration from his Norwegian aunts and grandmother, Sweet Paul is an adorable and cuddly lifestyle. With modern and elevated Scandinavian design in mind he creates a colorful world of crafts, food, and lifestyle content.




He's not just another freckle-faced kid, Tucker Stanton Howe is a king of casual luxury, travel, and style. A Texas born New Yorker with an eye for design, the elegant masculine form, and his pup, Theodore.

Our Favorite Southern Instagrammers

Christophe Chaisson

We wanted to take the time to share what Southern Instagrammers we have loved following as fall is unfolding all around us. Experience Autumn in the South as each one of these accounts takes you on a unique journey honoring southern roots and celebrating the essence of this beautiful season of harvest and change. 

Brothers and Craft @brothersandcraft 

Brothers and Craft is comprised of 4 brothers who are a creative visual team focused on discovering community and craftsmanship. They are based out of Charleston, South Carolina and are the creators of the outerwear brand Tekkima. Wander all around the South as these brothers explore and discover the individuality of different cities like Asheville, Charleston, and Nashville. Creativity and stories abound with every post, there is not one that we want to miss!

Rush Jagoe @rushjagoe

Rush Jagoe is a Kentucky born, New Orleans based editorial photographer. I maybe a little biased considering I grew up in the Louisiana swamps, but Rush's feed makes me feel like I'm standing in the bayou surrounded by cypress trees laced with Spanish moss listening to the chorus of frogs. Simplicity and authenticity are the words that come to mind when I am looking at his work; each picture seems to stand alone yet flow together seamlessly.

Tyler Sharp @tylersharpphoto

Tyler Sharp is a Creative Director, photographer, and writer based out of Texas. Bright and lively, Tyler's Instagram is a breath of fresh air. The Great Outdoors is never far from his feed. There is a certain vibrancy and color rich experience to each post that you can't find just anywhere. As the colors of fall continue to surround us, I definitely know where I will be looking for some rustic autumn moments. 

Chandler Bondurant @chandlerbondurant

Chandler Bondurant is a commercial and editorial photographer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His work is relatable urban living combined with the exploration of the breathtaking outdoors. Whether it is a cup of coffee in a hip Atlanta coffee shop or glaciers in Alaska or photo projects in Africa,  Chandler's feed is that of authentic living and a lifestyle of adventure. 

Elizabeth Kirby @local_milk

Elizabeth is a photographer, stylist, creative consultant, and recipe developer as well as the creator of the blog Local Milk. She is based out of the Appalachian foothills in Tennessee. Her feed shows the elegance in daily life and tradition. Her work is absolutely whimsical, as if she has made every day into a simple yet beautiful fairy tale. 

Tiffany Rogers @rogersmade

Tiffany Rogers alongside her husband Matt founded RogersMade, a collaborative creative company whom specialize in crafting home goods. She is a maker and photographer who embraces creativity. Her feed is soothing and peaceful just like the fantastic handmade candles that are one of their many quality products. Join Tiffany and her husband as they travel around the South welcoming all of us into their experience as being Southern artisan makers.