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When It Rains || The Playlist

Ben Ashby

Today has rained and rained. They say its the hurricane coming through. The town is quiet. I sit up on the hill above town watching the showers fall from the sky, bounce off the still lake and sink beneath the surface. The thick forest of oaks and pines in the front yard hang low with hours of watered weight. Candles burn and reflect in the window glass. Wildflowers sit atop a stack of Eurdora Welty's works. This playlist came out of the sounds of rain and the sounds of the thick clouds overhead. My love of Americana runs deep into this playlist. 

The Playlist | Route 66 Throwback

Ben Ashby

For this weeks playlist I wanted to throw it out west to the landscapes of the American southwest and to provide sounds that capture those vibes. After riding down Route 66 and experiencing the tiny time forgotten towns along the way it only made sense to include as many throwback songs as possible. 

The Playlist | 90's Country Throwback

Ben Ashby

Lets call this an hour of power. Since I've been discussing my 90's childhood all only makes sense that this weeks playlist is dedicated to my favorite country queens of the 90's. There will be a lot of Faith, Martina, and the Le(e)Ann's. I assume it is this way with every generation, but the music of my childhood continues to be my favorite era of music. Sure with jams by N'SYNC and Brit-brit and my obsession with Lance Bass' frosted is it possible to dedicate this just to country....well all in good time my friend. All in good time. 

From the Vince Gill cassette tapes that littered the truck, to the sweet sounds of Pam Tillis or the subtle sex appeal of Shania the 90's was a roller coaster ride for country music. Long before Taylor was spreading pop sounds all over our steel guitar anthems there was the 90's and the 90's was good.

Throw the stone away...and listen today. 

Monthly Playlist: March into Spring

Ben Ashby

Spring is your season for rebirth and renewal, let our playlist of March favorites take you on that journey. LISTEN HERE.

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