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Our Favorite Holiday Fudge

Christophe Chaisson

Fudge isn't just a holiday dessert, it is a lifestyle. I normally advocate healthy eating and living, yet when it comes to fudge, just throw sugar intake and serving size out the window. I have always been mesmerized by the wide diversity of fudge flavors, so to discover some that embody the holiday season makes this year a whole lot sweeter. If you're a fan of fudge, Christmas, and all things delicious get ready for some mouthwatering delights. 


Hot Chocolate Fudge by Wonky Wonderful

Curling up with a cup of a hot chocolate is a holiday staple. The slightest chill in the air is a reason enough to break out the cocoa. This year you don't have to just enjoy the pleasure of drinking hot chocolate, but devouring it as well. You don't have to be a professional confectioner to make it either; it's 4 ingredients and made in the microwave!  The sweetness of milk chocolate combined with the creaminess of white chocolate topped with marshmallow goodness is reason enough to throw a holiday party.  

Recipe on Wonky Wonderful


Dark Chocolate Hazelnut fudge by The view from Great Island

Hazelnut isn't just a flavor for lattes or Nutella, it adds the perfect crunch to this silky smooth fudge. This is a rich, filling fudge that will leave you satisfied, yet always manages to convince you to take another nibble. Dark chocolate and nuts are a timeless combination that pair well with holiday season. Fudge always makes for a wonderful gift that is easy to make and even easier to eat. It may not be that easy to give away once you have a taste though!

Recipe on The View From Great Island


eggnog Fudge by baking beauty


Another favorite holiday drink has been transformed into edible satisfaction. This creamy eggnog fudge will have you singing Christmas carols in seconds. Quick and easy to make, this a must for your holiday parties. Topped with nutmeg, these delicious bites make for truly happy holidays. 

Recipe on Baking Beauty


Candy cane fudge by barefeet Kitchen

By the time the December rolls around, there always seems to be an abundance of candy canes to go around. Whether for decorating or eating, these peppermint treats seem to surround the holiday season. They definitely are a Christmas Classic, but it doesn't hurt to add a little something extra to the mix. Especially when that little something is scrumptious chocolate fudge. Oh, did I mention it only takes 5 minutes to make? Never again am I going to throw away perfectly good candy canes now that I have this simple and delicious recipe. 

Recipe on Barefeet Kitchen


Gingerbread Fudge By DELISH

It's not Christmas without gingerbread, whether houses or little cookie men. I enjoy the flavor thoroughly, but they tend to be quite dry. Not anymore! Now we can enjoy the spiced goodness of gingerbread complemented with the smooth, silkiness of fudge. You're gingerbread house might may make for a festive decoration; this fudge will make a flavorful sweet feast for all your friends and family to enjoy. 

Recipe on Delish


Okay, enough waiting. Go put on some Christmas tunes and turn your kitchen into your own personal fudge factory. I'm sure your mouth is watering just as much as mine, so enough reading! Pick a recipe and start fudging!