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Our Favorite Special Apple Cider Recipes

Christophe Chaisson

CROCKPOT HOT SPICED APPLE CIDER By Superheroes and teacups

Most of the time crockpots are used for stew and pot roasts, yet this holiday season we wanted to spice it up with some hot apple cider. This recipe is so simple, you throw everything into the pot and just wait. The smell of spiced cider will fill your house as you allow for this sweet drink to simmer. 

Superheroes and Teacup's Website


Apple cider Mimosas by What the fork

Mimosas are a must for brunch year round, so why not customize them to fit the season? It only takes mixing two ingredients to get the holiday cheer flowing with these apple cider mimosas. The sweetness of cider pairs perfectly well with the smooth bubbliness of champagne. There is always a reason to celebrate during the holiday season, so let's do it with a mimosa in hand.

What The Fork's Website


Hot MuLLed Apple Cider Sangria By The Crumby Cupcake

This is a warm seasonal drink with rich flavors to get in a festive mood with friends or even just curl up with a good book near the fire. Clementines, apples, and honey add a distinct taste to this wonderful drink. The longer you let it sit, the sweeter and richer the flavors become, so don't drink it all at once!

The Crumby Cupcake's Website


Apple Cider Breakfast Smoothie By On Sugar Mountain


A smoothie in the morning is always a tasty way to start the day. Enjoy this cool refreshing drink in the warm confines of your home before venturing out in the cold of winter. This is one of the ways in which you can enjoy dessert for breakfast guilt free because you are basically drinking apple pie! But it's healthy because it is a smoothie, right?

On Sugar Mountain's Website


Spiked Apple Cider Rum By Simworks Family Blog

This adult beverage is a perfect way to help celebrate this Christmas season with good friends. It can even make for a tasty mocktail for all the kiddos. The spices of cider complement the spiced rum perfectly. You can taste the fullness of the seasons with this drink. It is guaranteed to fill you with cheer during the holidays. 

Simmwork's Website


All of these drinks are splendid as we leave Thanksgiving and Autumn behind to transition to Christmas and Winter. It is always delightful to have a delicious beverage in hand whether around a fire or a socializing at a holiday party. With all these apples a day, the doctor will be far away. Cheers to good health and tasty drinks this year!