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Christophe Chaisson

Every great adventure takes energy, and we like to nourish our bodies when we are on the road and traveling. For our trip to Banff we partnered up with Wonderfuel, an organic coconut based energy drink brand, to nourish and energize ourselves. Below are some of the shots wecaptured in the Canadian Rockies and a question and answer interview we did with Wonderfuel.

Who taught you how to create your products or were you self-taught?

 I was self-taught. I worked with a group of friends and fellow research buddies to formulate a product that everyone said couldn't be done. It was a lot of trial and error, but in the end we were so happy that it worked out and we created several great products that we now love. 

How did you start your company?

 When I traveled to India after college, to study Ayurvedic medicine, I learned of the magic of coconut oil. A few years later, after earning my MBA, I decided to launch Wonderfuel, basing its ingredients on my research in the amazing properties of coconut oil MCTs.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Delays in manufacturing, it's something you can't always predict, especially in the food or drink industry. So, it can be challenging when a customer or wholesaler needs it quickly.


Did you know you would start your own brand, if not what spurred it?

I did, I really wanted to come up with a healthful brand. I wanted to create a brand that encapsulated the essence of organic and natural fuel for the body, not a fuel based on stimulants but on real, healthy fats.

How do your hobbies influence what you make?  

I have always loved to travel, and I love nature photography. That's a large part of what influenced me to make a natural, organic product to fuel my adventures and those of other like myself.

What are your inspirations?

A natural well-being, ancient tradition, a back-to-basics lifestyle, and beauty.

What's your favorite thing about sharing Wonderfuel with others?

Seeing how much joy it brings my customers. I am happy with the product that Wonderfuel turned out to be, and seeing other people enjoy the thing I was so passionate about creating brings me joy as well. 

What's been your best advice you've been given?  

Sell your idea before you make it. Make sure that what you are passionate about creating is something that people are going to buy. It seems strange to say, but it's a great way to know how successful it will be.