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The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

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The American Made Box

Ben Ashby


Over the years we've worked with so many amazing makers and American made businesses...and have come to so deeply appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each and every product. We were brain storming a way we could further support those makers beyond simply sharing their stories on our website and social...and the idea of doing a seasonal box was born. Each season we're creating a special designed box filled with maker made goods. We thought this would be a good way to help introduce you to why we love them so much. Each season the box will be totally different from the previous. The summer box ships July 7 and will be filled with five items that were all created by hand in the US. Pre-orders are available now. Each season will be limited to one hundred boxes. You can also test the waters with our more affordable mini box that features two products we know you'll love!

The combined retail value of the products included is over $75. You'll be saving over 30%.

What is in the box will remain a surprise until you receive it. The photos are just a sample of what could be included (several of the items in these photos will be included, but we're not saying which ones!)


A Stop at Luckett's Spring Market

Ben Ashby

I haven’t been to a market or a barn sale in what feels like forever. I make an annual trip to The Strawberry Patch down in Hartsville, TN but I haven’t been to any others in years. Last week I knew I’d be driving from New York to Kentucky and I was really craving a different route. Something a bit more southbound than my usual PA/WV trek. While hunting for alternate routes I noticed that The Fruit Tea Chicks were doing a market in Virginia that same weekend. I also knew that I had been wanting to visit Luckett’s Spring Market for nearly a decade. I pulled up my map and quickly realized it was just a few minutes off interstate 81. I was sold, I would soon be getting my fruit tea and seeing a market I’d been so eager to visit.

When I arrived I had thought the market was going to be a small one. I would be in and out in an hour. I was stopping for fruit tea, to photograph the market, and to see Farmhouse Frocks. Simple. Easy. Fast. Three hours later I was forcing myself to head out after only covering a small section of this massive market. I am not one to give compliments, so when I say that you need to visit this market if you’re hunting for really cool antique and vintage pieces…add it to your list.

I only had a chance to take a few photos, but they are shared below. I loved that this is one of those markets/shows that you go to experience. It is a full day activity. Beyond the dozens of vendors of antique, handmade, vintage, and American made, there is a vast selection of food, there are lots of activities for all ages, and a mix of musical performances. I cannot wait to go back next year. || — Luckett’s Spring Market

5 Tips for a Successful Experience

  1. Prepare for the sun and heat. Bring sun screen and prepare to stay hydrated. It is hot and sunny and you’re not going to want to rush through all the treasure hunting. Luckily there are many hydration options, but don’t forget the sunscreen at home.

  2. Come with cash. It is true that most vendors accept credit cards now, but cash for the most part is easier and allows you to better keep track of your spending.

  3. Arrive in the right vehicle. While you think you may only be coming to get fruit tea and a bar of soap, you will end up buying a hoosier cabinet and you will need a way to bring it home.

  4. Sunday is often the best day to shop. The final day of a show, especially if it is a Sunday is typically a slower day and a day vendors are willing to make good deals on pieces they don’t want to take back home.

  5. Don’t rush. This is a marathon. You have dozens of vendors to checkout. Don’t spend all your money in the first booth you visit. Know that you’ll likely find things you love or need in many more booths to come.

Inside Buck Mason's NYC Shops

Ben Ashby


A  couple of months ago Buck Mason made the jump from the sunny west coast vibes of Los Angeles to frigid New York City with the opening of their first east coast location. The day before they opened we popped in to see their cold weather inspired pieces and the super clean and modern style of the store. 

These images were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV from BH Photo.

The Harvest Dinner

Ben Ashby


Every few years we like to have a dinner to bring together friends to celebrate the harvest season. Back in 2017 we teamed up with American Field to host a delicious wine and pork filled meal at Cannibal Beer and Butcher in New York City as part of American Field's annual Brooklyn pop up market. 

These images were shot with the X100F and its amazing low light abilities.