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The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

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A Story for Where Women Work || Emily Riddle

Ben Ashby


Today I wanted to share something I am really proud of. My friend Jo, the editor of Where Women Create asked me to photograph a story for her newest magazine Where Women Work. I was especially excited because the subject was a friend of mine from college. She, Emily Riddle has recently opened a shop and coffee shop in Versailles, KY. If you’re in the area you must stop in for a coffee or a nibbly sweet treat. You can read the full story in this seasons issue of Where Women Work....which is on newsstands now. 




Where Women Work is dedicated to women in business sharing their own stories and own journies in their own words to other women around the world.  


The Where Women Create titles (Where Women Cook, Where Women Create, Where Women Work, and What Women Create) are available at Lowe’s, Barnes and Nobles, Michaels, Books a Million, and Costco locations across the country, as well as select Walmart and Kroger locations. 


Emily’s shop is located in downtown Versailles, KY.  


10 Must Follow Rules for Texas Antiques Week

Ben Ashby


Roundtop or Texas Antiques Week is officially here. Whether you're making your first trip, a seasoned veteran, or just discovering the acres of vintage and antique goodness in the heart of Texas we have a few tips for you. We asked a few Roundtop veterans their must follow rules and tips for making the most of your time and money.  


In no particular order:  

1) Don't plan to see the entire seven miles. Grab a Show Daily magazine and map out which fields you want to shop. It may take a few trips to see everything! -- Shannon Vance, owner Stash Style. (Check out Stash's vintage filled booth at Zapp Hall) 


2) For the real deals skip the big name fields and head for the lesser known shows. Get extra good deals by buying in bulk. -- Samuel Melton, owner Lonesome Pine Mercantile. 


3) Before you go, realize you'll never see it all. Research three or four of the markets and pick your favorites based on the vibe you're going for. -- Jen O'Connor, owner Earth Angels Studios



4) Start from the middle in Warrenton. Work your way out. Pick a specific area to focus on each day. -- Kim Leggett, author City Farmhouse Style


5) Bring lots of cash, a big canvas bag, and a hat. -- Jo Packham, editor Where Women Create



6) If you're hunting for luxury finds head to Marburger. Celebrate your finds with pie at Royers. -- Jo 


7) Don't barter. Ask the dealer for their best deal, if you don't buy it go back on the last day to see if it's still there. -- Jo


8) Educate yourself on how to spot an authentic antique from a reproduction. -- Laurie Messeroll, painter

9) For true deals skip the highly styled shows and hit the ones around Warrenton and dig. -- Lindsey Shiflett Smith, editor Makers Workshop  

10) Take friends with you and just enjoy it. Strive to create a style that is your own using pieces that really speak to you.