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First Day of Summer

The Blog

The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

First Day of Summer

Ben Ashby


I have a lot of thoughts about life. I am convinced that the majority of them are based on country songs. Perhaps the inspiration came from Tammy or Dolly or Loretta singing about times gone by, singing about powerful spirits, singing about living life loud and confidently. Perhaps it came from the modern anthems of Carrie or Miranda or Martina or Faith. Singing about the feeling strong and empowered and standing your ground. Perhaps its a mix of southern experiences, a close proximity to Nashville, and the ability to relate to the songs on the radio.


I do know that life is bested lived with the windows down, on back roads and along countrysides, and with a decent amount of sweet tea. Not too much or you’ll get the dialetus, not too many biscuits and gravy or you’ll get too fat…but just enough to keep your veins well lubricated with lard and sugar and old fashioned sweetness. Life is intended to be spent outdoors. Life is supposed to be spent acknowledging and celebrating the different seasons, the clouds, the sun, and yes even the rain. The rainy seasons prepare us for the sunny summers ahead. Today on this first day of summer I am thankful for those rainy seasons, I am thankful for rain coats, rubber boots, and the occasional splashing in puddles and mud.


Perhaps we all don’t drive classic pick-ups with a coon dog or beagle running circles in the back. Perhaps we all don’t have grand old oaks or front porch to swing upon. We do all however all have old mason jars we can catch fire flies in, we all have glasses to feel with ice and lemonade, we all have the ability to take a stroll in nature. No matter where we are….sometimes it is necessary to put on Sugarland, sing Settlin just as loud as we can and to celebrate summer all season long.


10 Summertime Musts

  1. Visit the farmers market

  2. Visit at least one roadside stand. Know where your food comes from.

  3. Swim in a lake, a stream, or a creek.

  4. Ride around in at least one old pick up truck. Preferably ‘86 or older model.

  5. Have a snow cone. Its a must.

  6. Listen to Fleetwood Mac, CCR, and Alabama weekly from May to late August.

  7. Enjoy as many glasses of sweet tea as you can muster. Add springs of mint.

  8. Visit the Bourbon Trail. Know where your summer cocktails come from.

  9. Catch a dozen fireflies. Release them after.

  10. Go to a walk up Dairy Freeze. Have a cone or three.