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Photographer Q and A || Valerie Derome Masse

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The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

Photographer Q and A || Valerie Derome Masse

Zachary Kilgas

Q: Why do you explore / adventure?

A: A few years back I fell in love with wildlife photography. It appeared to me in the most random manners and at a time when I needed it the most. I began creating a little library of my own. These moments were crafted without any sounds or human words. I now basically live for moments like these and that is exactly why I love to go out there and explore with my camera; to collect animal portraits and embrace how alive it makes me feel. 

Q: Why take risks in life?

A: Because the worst that could happen is you learn a lot from yourself. Creating memories is all about getting out of your comfort zone. 

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Montreal Canada! I grow up on ski surrounded by the natural beauty of Quebec.

Q: What is your 9-5?

A: I graduated 2 years ago from Grad school with an architectural degree. I’m currently starting an architectural visualization & 3D studio with a close friend of mine. It’s a project that’s been on my mind since I first started architecture school and I’m super excited that I finally found the perfect partner to transform this project from inception to reality. I’ve always been fascinated by images which explains my dedication to photography. Architecture visualization is a such a fascinating industry and I feel like it’s the perfect marriage between art and technology. 

Q: When you were growing up what or who did you want to be

A: I’ve always been very much fascinated by my father who invested his whole life into creating a company of his own. He’s someone who puts his heart into everything he does and there is never a project that scares him. He always challenged himself into learning new ways of creating or learning about a new topic. He inspired me to become a curious, determined and passionate creator. 

No goal is to high nor impossible. You’ve got to chase for these opportunities to grow.

Q: Favorite place you've visited 

Definitely Iceland. I got instantly seduced by the Nordic culture. The changing forecasts also makes for outstanding and unique photography opportunities. It’s the first destination that opened up my relationship with photography. 

Q: Place you most desperately want to visit? 

At the moment I would say I’m obsessed with South Georgia and the sandwich Islands. It’s definitely a place I want to visit as it would allow me to go out of my comfort zone as it feels like such a remote location. But truly the main reason is that I’d love to know more about the largest penguin colony in the world and being there in person would make for incredible photography opportunities. I would also love to go back to Iceland and photograph the arctic fox whose main territory is far north in the west fjords. 

Q: Must haves for travel

A: As the Norwegians would say, there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. With that said, you should always do some research and know in advance about the location and weather forecast to plan your gear ahead.