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The Folks | Jordan Hom

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The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

The Folks | Jordan Hom

Ben Ashby

Jordan Hom

The Folks: 001 | @hom.jordan

Today we start a new series, a goal to highlight to work of amazing photographers from across the globe. We have sent a series of questions to a selection of our favorite photographers and have asked them to answer a few of their favorites. 


1) How has digital technology impacted your work both positively and negatively?

I feel like one of the best things is that it's made it so easy to find sources of inspiration. Every day I scroll through Instagram and get super stoked on seeing all my friends and people I look up to post amazing work. One negative thing I'd have to say is that a lot of people sometimes don't appreciate amazing things that are happening around them. Sure it's fun getting that rad photo and being able to see it as a memory down the line but there's something so special about remembering things in your mind and sharing through word of mouth rather than a tangible object. 


2) When you think about your favorite work, what makes it stand out from the rest?

One of the main things that catches my eye is simplicity. When things are not too bright, flashy, or busy and give you that mellow peaceful vibe is what I love seeing in art.

3) How and when did you realize that photography was your passion?

I found my passion for photography in my freshman year of high school. My girlfriend at the time was my biggest inspiration for everything art related and I got my first camera so we could go out and shoot together. Eventually, I started taking photo classes and remember all my friends and teachers complimenting me on my work and that was just an amazing feeling. I had never been too good at "regular" school stuff so it was awesome to find something I was naturally good at.



4) If you weren't a photographer what would you pursue?

I think I would pursue something in architecture/sustainability. I have always wanted to design my own buildings and structures while also making an impact in the green community.

5) Has any one person or one location stood out amongst the rest when you think about your past work?

My first real girlfriend (Shout out to Elena!)  was definitely the one that made me fall in love with photography. She introduced me to a mindset on how to appreciate taking/seeing photos and sparked my adventurous side. My high school is another thing that stands out because of all my rad teachers and friend that encouraged me to be who I am! (Shout out Compass School!)



6) What is the biggest challenge you face when shooting a new subject?

Currently, I have not had too much experience shooting with models. From the experiences that I do have, my biggest challenge is directing. Telling people what to do is so difficult for me because I always feel like I'm being demanding. I hate making people feel uncomfortable but it seems like that it's a given when you have to direct.

7) What message do you want people to receive when they look at your photographs?

I want people to be able to feel whatever it is that I was feeling in that moment. If it's a photo of the homies and I camping I want people to be able to smell the fire, see the stars, and get that peaceful feeling of nature surrounding us!


8) What gear, apps, technology do you use most to help you be successful?

Social media is definitely a huge thing for me. They allow me to get my work out there and to make connections in the community. The two big ones for me are Instagram and VSCO.

9) What essentials do you pack when traveling?

I always have my camera and my phone no matter what. Even if I want to have a tech-free day I bring them a long just in case I need to snap an absolute stellar shot. 

Other than that I always have to have a hat with me. I feel naked without one!


10) What motivates you to keep taking photographs of the world around you? 

Most definitely the area that I am from which is SOuthern Vermont. I could go out every single day without going fifteen minutes from my door and find something new and amazing to take photos of. Theres so many amazing spots and things to see and I can't get enough. My friends are amazing motivators as well. It's always a fun time getting in the car and just driving with no destination to see what we can find.

11) What is something you wish you knew when you first started shooting?

How important editing is!! When I first started taking photos, I thought editing was so lame. I wanted the photo to be perfect straight out of the camera. Learning more about the post process opened a whole new dynamic to taking photos for me. It made me think ahead on how I wanted things to look and I could adjust accordingly while shooting.


12) If you could go back 10 years, what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself to do waaaaay better in school. There are so many times I look back and think "Man I would feel so much better if I just did my school work and not have been so stubborn." Not to mention it would have made college a lot easier and my loans wouldn't be so hefty! 

13) Favorite breakfast cereal. 

That's a tough one because cereal, in general, is one of my all time favorite foods. 

If I had to pick a favorite I'd have to say Cinnamon Toast Crunch!


14) Favorite coffee shop

My favorite coffee shop would have to be Java Baba's in Ludlow, Vermont. I am not too much of a coffee person but they make a killer breakfast sandwich.

15) Favorite view? 

My favorite view that I have seen in person is up at the peak of Okemo Mountain on the fire tower. I have made so many memories climbing up there and being with friends. You can catch a stellar sunset there too!


16) First photo ever taken. 

When I first started taking photos I was obsessed with macro stuff. I must have taken over a thousand photos of rain dripping off of leaves.

17) Road trips or flights. 

I'd have to say flights for long distances and road trips for medium distances. I don't think I could drive across the US but I could spend weeks driving around New England or the PNW.


18) Do you prefer the heat? Or the cold?

Definitely, prefer the cold. It's nice to have those hot beach days every once in a while but I feel like my natural body temp is about 50 degrees more than the average human.

19) Where are you based

I am based in a small, Southern Vermont town called Weathersfield.


20) Give us one piece of advice

BE SPONTANEOUS!!! Don't worry about your car breaking down, just go on that trip along the coast. Don't worry about sleep and hike up to the fire tower at 3 AM with your friends. Do the fun things when they are offered because you may not get another chance!



I currently am using a Canon 70d with the 18-135 kit lens and my iPhone. My dream camera is a simple Canon 5d Mkii with a 24-70.