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My Favorite Things | January 2017

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The daily, and somewhat random, musings from Ben. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-world moments.

My Favorite Things | January 2017

Ben Ashby

Another month and another year are here. This week will also bring a new president and a new direction for America. I cannot say I am happy about this...actually lets be honest. I am devastated...but in this new era in American history I truly believe we must focus on community, family, and the little things in life. For this month's list of favorite things I would like to focus on products that bring me and my friends joy and happiness. If there is anything this world needs in is happiness. 

1) This pullover by Ball and Buck is magic. I have an obsession for anything that is made of waxed canvas....and this may be the tipping point for me needing therapy. I have worn it daily for two months. 2) I miss California, and the clouds and rain and cold of Kentucky really get to me in the winter months. This candle collection by Ethics Supply Co reminds me of everything I love about nature, the warmth, and the summer the burn time is forever. 3) Okay, so this watch is a luxury....not only is it by Filson and Shinola it is Smokey Bear themed. If you are a nature lover that really wants to treat them self....go for this limited edition watch. 4) I would like to think I am cool...some may argue that I am...but I will argue that I am...but this book gives me hope for at least being able to dress cool. 5) Sooooo I have owned this shirt for two years. It has been worn and washed weekly for two years. This shirt literally still looks brand new. 6) Good pottery is hard to find. This world is filled with way too many potters with really really bad aesthetics. Thro is not one of those....every piece is delicious. 7) Sometimes...when the world is rough and dark...and the politics are depressing the hell out of just need to sit and keep your hands busy and create something really cool. 25 Beautiful Things is here to help. Grab one of her paint sets and paint books. You'll fill the winter with fresh designs and bright colors. 8) LSTN makes the best headphones I've found. Mine have wood insets and come either wireless or wired. 9) So I don't own this sweater...but I love Buck Mason...and I love this we all need one. 

Click on the images to hop over to their sites for more info and how to buy.