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The Blog

The daily, and somewhat random, musings of the FOLK editorial team. From the journeys, to the vlogs, to the behind-the-scenes-into-the-office moments of the team that brings FOLK to life. 

BTS The SF Guide

Ben Ashby

You've seen our San Fransisco Guide to Nature, but we only had room to share just a few of the images. We wanted to share a whole bunch more of them.... 

These were all shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV and a Fuji X100F. Both available at BH Photo.

Huge thanks to Aviate, Makers Market, and Buck Mason for sponsoring many of the props and outfits in the images. 

Inside Buck Mason's NYC Shops

Ben Ashby


A  couple of months ago Buck Mason made the jump from the sunny west coast vibes of Los Angeles to frigid New York City with the opening of their first east coast location. The day before they opened we popped in to see their cold weather inspired pieces and the super clean and modern style of the store. 

These images were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV from BH Photo.

The Harvest Dinner

Ben Ashby


Every few years we like to have a dinner to bring together friends to celebrate the harvest season. Back in 2017 we teamed up with American Field to host a delicious wine and pork filled meal at Cannibal Beer and Butcher in New York City as part of American Field's annual Brooklyn pop up market. 

These images were shot with the X100F and its amazing low light abilities.  

A Kentucky Christmas Moment

Ben Ashby


On Monday Gina and I did our Christmas tour of Lexington. After college we both moved away from Lexington, so on occasion we like to go down memory lane. Here are a few images from our day in and around Lexington.

Our first stop was to the Bluegrass Stockyards outside town. I apologize that these photos are out of order, but they are largely self explanatory as to what is what. From there we hopped over to Versailles....pronounced Ver-sales...for coffee at our friend Emily's new shop...I'll have a full story on that place next week! We continued on towards Shaker Village and Danville to pick up birthday pastries from Burk's. We ended our night we a stop at Lexington staple Hillenmeyer's Christmas Shop. (be sure to check out our story from last year's Christmas season)

If you're interested in more about Lexington...we have an entire City Guild section dedicated to our favorite Kentucky city. 

New Traditions with Lavazza

Ben Ashby

File Nov 13, 9 20 08 PM.jpeg

Last month I did some images with Lavazza and their Intenso dark roast coffee. The concept was to promote their Lavazza Holiday New Traditions campaign. Lavazza being founded on the very old tradition of coffee making in Turin, Italy has encouraged everyone this year to create new traditions. 


The concept went through a lot of back and forth, but we ultimately decided to base them on a trio of events I did this fall season and ways we were tweaking them to create new traditions.  


For the actual photos it was incredibly hard to create anything that seemed to fit. The new tradition that would be at the center of the series was the idea that my annual harvest dinner was moving from LA to New York City this year and we’d be serving Lavazza’s Intenso coffee at the end of the meal. In theory we’d shoot images of the twentyfive guests enjoying the dark coffee. The problem with this idea soon became way too obvious. The space for the dinner was lit with red light bulbs and candles. The idea of shooting any sort of photos quickly went out the window. The concept then evolved into showcasing natural light flatlays of the coffee , the Lavazza mug, and Fuji’s Instax images from the evening. 

Luckily before going to New York I had created back up images that had doubled as invitations that went out to all of the dinner guests. With the invite images I wanted to create a scenic staged fall moment along my lake in Beaver Dam. The Lavazza coffee would be the centerpiece and the colors for the accessories would pull from the Lavazza packaging. I used vintage elements to continue with pieces I knew I’d be using on the dinner table. I wanted to use elements from my hometown and my family to go along with Lavazza’s tradition of handcrafted coffee since the late 1800’s. Lavazza is four generations deep into creating top quality coffee and a coffee culture that encourages a dedication to quality and excellence.