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Our goal is to provide excellent customer service while serving as an example of authenticity.
Please review the frequently asked questions below.
Do not hesitate to contact us [] with any additional questions, inquiries, or concerns you may have.
As a matter of customer privacy, we cannot respond with specific account details
to comments posted on blog entries, our Facebook wall, etc.Please include the following in your correspondence to ensure a prompt solution.Your name, shipping address, and email address associated with your purchase
Date of purchase or order and quantity
 Method of payment (credit card, PayPal, check)
Copy of digital receipt from PayPal or order confirmation from FOLK
Customer Service

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:When will my subscription begin?We produce six issues per year. Subscriptions will begin within 8-12 weeks after purchase, or with the next released issue.How do I change/update my address?Address changes can be emailed to

Will I be notified when my subscription runs out?

You will receive an email from FOLK at the email address associated with your original purchase when the end of your subscription is approaching.

How can I be further connected to FOLK?

Simply become involved on our blog {} or on our various social medias. We are very active and would love to have you as one of our online folks.

I have not received my issue, what do I do?

In the unlikely event that one of your copies does not find its way to your mailbox, please email us at We will confirm your address and can extend your subscription by one issue or mail a replacement copy to you.

Can I order back copies of previous issues?

Yes. However, we have a limited number of back copies available and some issues are sold out. Please email to request a back copy bundle.
How sweet should Sweet Tea be?

Certainly not as sweet as a cup of sugar, but certainly not any less sweet than a cup of sugar.

How do I submit a story, idea, etc. to FOLK Magazine?

Please email submissions to

FOLK Magazine
PO Box 195
Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320


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