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Make Canning Jar Snow Globes {with Tractor Supply Co.}

Ben Ashby

This Christmas I have been in an uber crafty mood. This is the first Christmas I've actually enjoyed in years. For some reason I wanted to challenge myself to make lots of budget friendly projects, decor pieces, gifts, and Christmas themed goodies. The following series is a grouping of projects I teamed up with Tractor Supply to create using items from their stores.

The challenge was to create the projects and have them use at least one item found at your local Tractor Supply. This is a series we will continue into 2018. 





The first project was creating these simple canning jar snow globes. The jars were an easy find in the canning section of Tractor Supply. These are the same jars you would use to do at home canning of fresh vegetables from your garden or farmers market. 

I decided to select a variety of sizes so I could create groupings, however since these jars come in multipacks, feel free to stick with them all being the same size. I would recommend the pint and quart jars, as the half pints are too short for most trees to fit in. 





Canning Jars (size is your preference) 

Hot Glue Gun 

Fake Snow

Twine, String, or Ribbon

Shop Cloths

Paint pens or Oil Based Sharpies 

Small Embellishments (we used bells and greenery) 





1) Take your jar and make sure it is clean. 

2) If you would like to draw designs or illustrations on your jar, now is the time to do so.

3) Using hot glue anchor your trees or figurines to the bottom of the jar. Place the glue on the tree or figurine then insert it into the jar.

4) Fill to the desired level with fake snow. You can also use epson salt for a more refined look.

5) Depending on how you'd like you're red shop cloth to look:

For a close cut, trace a circle around a jar lid on the shop cloth. The circle should be slightly larger than the lid of your jar. Cut and glue to the top of your lid. The ring will hide any rough edges.

For a more creative homespun look cut a liberal circle from the shop cloth. Place the lid and ring on the jar and tighten. Place the cloth over the top and tie down with ribbon or twine. 

To finish the jar simply embellish with festive adornments. We used hot glue to adhere them to the jar. 

Create trios and groupings for a festive filled moment.