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The Painted Lily || Give Authentic 2017


The Painted Lily || Give Authentic 2017

Ben Ashby

I feel like The Painted Lily has created timeless products that are perfect for any generation. Say hello...


Tell Us About Your Business

My stone coasters, ornaments and barn wood pieces are made in small batches in our rural farm studio in Pennsylvania. I incorporating vintage images and artwork with beautiful tumbled marble tile. I create for people who love unique statement pieces for their homes.

Where are you located?


Why should people shop small?

Shopping small helps you to find products that are made with love and spirit and all things cozy and warm. I feel that every piece that I create passes through my hands and becomes imbued with love and good vibes. I hope that my customers feel that too when they receive their pieces from me.

Why support makers?

Makers aren't just making beautiful products. Makers are creating a new way of life... investing in their local communities, building connections and changing the way that business happens all around the world.

What is your most popular product?

My most popular product is my stone coasters. People love the rich colors, the smooth texture of the tiles, the tumbled stone that I use and they love how durable and beautiful the coasters are.

What is the greatest reward in being a small business?

The greatest reward is watching my business grow in surprising ways, in slow and steady ways. It's so rewarding to build something from the ground up and watch it take shape before your eyes.

What is the greatest struggle in being a small business?

Work/life balance, always. I think it's the main struggle of any small business owner who also has a family.

What is one piece of advice you'd share?

What is your favorite Christmas song

Without hesitation, it's O Holy Night. But only if the singer stays true to the song. No crazy riffs or vocal gymnastics. Just a pure tone and the beautiful melody and lyrics.