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Selena Ashley Designs || Give Authentic 2017


Selena Ashley Designs || Give Authentic 2017

Ben Ashby

Say hello to maker Selena Ashley Designs! 


Tell Us About Your Business: I’m a designer and hand-letterer.

Why should people shop small? When individuals shop small they know their economy goes directly to that one person's family, putting food on their table, paying bills, supporting a dream and a passion.

Why support makers? It's important to support the makers because when you do so you support a dream and help grow an inspiring world.

What is your most popular product? Hand-lettered Globes

What is the greatest reward in being a small business? My greatest reward by being an artist is being able to share my work with others and see a piece of myself travel to a new home with a new story.

What is the greatest struggle in being a small business? Making people understand the difference between handmade artisan prints and mass-produced art and helping them to see the value in the authentic decor. It's easy to go online and just buy any old print, but that's the equivalent of going to a mall and blindly buying a t-shirt. We want people to understand that a significant art purchase requires more than just a quick online glance.

What is one piece of advice you'd share? If you have a passion and you're good at something, share it with others.