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Christophe Chaisson

Tekkima has officially launched!

What is Tekkima? 

Tekkima is an outerwear maker that is committed to developing goods that are durable, practical, and relevant.

What does Tekkima mean?

Tekkima is Estonian, and simply means the act of arising, emerging, and coming into being. The essence of Tekkima is that while each of our journeys are unique, we journey better when we journey together. 

Why is Tekkima special? 

Tekkima's identity is centered around experiencing life to the fullest. Whether that means hustling in urban environments or testing your limits in extreme natural environments.  Tekkima is extraordinary because it is versatile. It makes sense for the fashionable living in the city as well as the adventurous explorer of the great outdoors. Tekkima is the bridge between weather-proof and minimal/tailored - a feat no other outerwear brand has successfully tackled. 

Tekkima is so confident in the culture they have built (adventurous lifestyle complimented by quality product) that they've made everything on their site free shipping and return. This way there is little to no risk with seeing if Tekkima fits your lifestyle. Subscribe by email on to receive an additional 10% off!