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Our Favorite Southern Maker Instagrams

Christophe Chaisson

The Maker Movement is incredibly important to be aware of and a part of. It creates jobs, quality goods, and allows for sustainability, creativity, & durability to thrive. Take the time to support not only the Makers that have stuck out to us below, but also the ones in your area. It is vital that we don't just consume, but we also create. 

ManReady Mercantile @manreadymerc

Founded 4 years ago by Travis Weaver from Zephyr, Texas, ManReady Mercantile is the epitome of what being a maker is all about. Their small business is founded on the principles of honesty, hard work, and integrity. ManReady Mercantile sells a wide array of high quality goods catered specifically, but not exclusively to men. Not only are they makers themselves, but they are always looking to work together and collaborate with other makers to continue creating goods that will last a lifetime. 

Great Bear Wax Co. @greatbearwaxco

Great Bear Wax Co. are makers who sell memories with a wick. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, GBWCo was founded by Jake Carnley with the idea that lighting a aromatic candle is like igniting a memory or moment. From Lavender  to Tobacco Bay to Rose, the scents they capture in wax are delightfully soothing. The Great Outdoors seem like only a flick of a lighter away when there is one of these Great Bear candles in the room.  

Loyal Stricklin @loyalstricklin

The craftsman at Loyal Stricklin can be found working in their studio near the railroad tracks in Opelika, Alabama. Fed up with mass produced low-quality goods, Michael Stricklin founded this durable goods company to commit to making goods of the highest quality from the best materials. Their handcrafted and American made leather products are not only appealing to the eye, but durable and practical as well. 

Lucy's Inspired Jewelry @lucysinspiredjewelery

Lucy's Inspired Jewelry is handcrafted and uniquely made from vintage chandeliers, architectural salvage and found keys. Another maker found in Alabama, Lucy Farmer definitely has a creative eye for design and repurposing. She does not merely craft jewelry, but strives to make a difference in her community. One of those improvements is raising awareness for sex trafficking by donating to a local organization in her city. This maker is using her brand to give inspiration and spread beauty all while making fashionable pieces of jewelry. 

Sturdy Brothers @sturdybrothers

These two brothers are dedicated to creating waxed canvas and leather goods that are handcrafted with American-made materials. Located in South Georgia, Sturdy Brother's products are made for those who still enjoy getting their hands dirty. Sturdy Brother's lives up to its name by its desire to create and craft beautiful goods that will last, while also rekindling craftsmanship in America. 

Elizabeth Suzanne @elizsuzann

Elizabeth Suzanne is a clothing company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Yet, they are so much more than just a style of clothing. A community of diverse and powerful women make up the company and customers of Elizabeth Suzanne. They are committed to making garments from amazing, durable fabrics with designs that are practical, timeless, and elegant. Their commitment to quality and customers is something seldom seen in the retail world today. 

Old Try @theoldtry

Old Try is home decor for Southerners made by Southerners who are living in Boston. They have expanded to make art for other regions besides the South, so don't worry all of you north of the Mason/Dixie line and in the Wild West. Their decor encapsulates the unique essence and character of each state. It is patriotism with tact and style that is seldom easy to find. 

J. Stark @starkmade

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, J. Stark creates bags, accessories, and homegoods meant to last. Their goods are crafted with a timeless and authentic aesthetic paired with usefulness and practicality. They have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from for their products. Sourcing everything from the US of A, this is a true American makers brand that wants to bring us back to the time of hard work and hand made. 

In God We Must @ingodwemust

In God We Must are makers of provisions and apparel located in Marietta, Georgia. This business is founded on hope, positivity, and perseverance. Check out their website to read the inspirational story of how IGWM was started. Whether it is a ring or a t-shirt, the message of In God We Must is to embrace the pioneering spirit inside of us all.