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Erotic Meets Ironic: An Interview with Freddy Krave


Erotic Meets Ironic: An Interview with Freddy Krave

Christophe Chaisson

FREDDY KRAVE is a young photographer whose art is thought provoking, inspiring, and absolutely one of a kind. His message is one of embracing oneself and being free in your own skin. It is refreshing to see someone so talented living authentically while doing what he loves. 

Christophe: When did you first become interested in photography?

Freddy: Since I was a little kid. I’ve always “had a thing” for photography.


C: Were you self-taught or did you learn in school/from a mentor?

F: Self-taught. I never had the chance to study photography, I have a big lack when we talk about lights, settings, lenses. I think I’ve just developed my own personal style with my basic gear.


C: How did you develop your style?

F: Speaking of..Well since I didn’t want to take bad pictures using natural lightning and since I didn’t know how to use at the best the environment, I just thought that using a white wall was a good idea. For me it was like drawing on a blank paper, creating something from nothing.


C: What themes do you explore through your work?

F: I’m a big lover of the human body. I just wanna feel free to show it without fears or censorship. I would define my work “eronic”, a mix of erotic and ironic. I love the part of being sexy but at the same time I love the part of being silly.


C: How do you find and choose you subjects or locations?

F: Some of them are my friends, some of them thanks to social medias. I just ask, if they’re interested we shoot! The location it’s pretty easy to find. I just need a white wall, usually my place is my home made studio.


C: What inspires your work?

F: I’m inspired by my inner thoughts and by music. Music really is my muse. The thing is that I just wanna do things. I have no limits, sometimes I really feel different from other people, but I try to embrace this feeling.


C: How do you compose an image? Do you go into the shoot with a specific shot in mind, or does the inspiration strike when you place your model in the setting?

F: I wanna give life to that blank space! The subject is the spark in the dark. Sometimes I have a certain shot in my mind but often I just do what I wanna do when I start to shoot. I think it’s much more sincere and natural.


C: What has been your biggest lesson learned through creating your art?   

F: Never listen to what people say. Just be yourself and always be true to what you are. If someone won’t appreciate it, there is no big reason to be sad, certainly someone else will love what you do. The most important thing is to have control about what you’re doing.


C: What do you hope your art says to people?

F: I would love to be understood by everyone in a parallel universe (lol), but knowing that this isn’t possible, I just want them to feel free to think what they want. I’m so open minded that sometimes I ask myself, “Is it possible to be more open minded that how i am at the moment?” I could never expect from people to see only what I want them to see.


And that is the one and only Freddy Krave. We here at FOLK are all looking forward to seeing more of Freddy and his photos. His work is a reminder to keep an open mind, live authentic, and be eronic.

Tumblr: Kraviation | Instagram: MrFreddyKrave

If you would like to purchase Freddy's work, click here