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The Blue Uniform in Banff


The Blue Uniform in Banff

Christophe Chaisson

Every great adventure needs the right gear, and the workhorse of every great outfit is the perfect pair of jeans. While in Banff we partnered up with Swedish brand The Blue Uniform to learn more about them and their modern but classic apparel. Below are some of the shots we captured in the Canadian Rockies and a Q & A interview we did with TBU.

How was TBU created?

The Blue Uniform emerged from a will to create fairly produced garments that fitted an active and easy going lifestyle. After working some time with Nudie, it's founder decided to rend his own take on how denim should feel, and took on a journey in manufacturing great jeans through rightful working conditions. 

What were TBU's first products?

It was a pair of jeans called Tapered 50's made of20oz denim. Really cool jeans but for the Swedish market this was a totally impossible product..NO ONE BOUGHT IT...! 


How do you get ideas for new products & photo shoots?

We actually only make products we want to wear ourselves. That is very important for us, and then we just have to cross our fingers that someone else also will like it! Then also through what is around us, observing our close friends who are perfect examples of the TBU lifestyle, and listening closely to what the people who work with TBU in life or in store say about our products.

What are your inspirations?

Our core inspiration comes from the former "Swedish big city worker" who was from Stockholm's working class, living and working in the districts and old town. The Scandinavian inspiration allows us to be a very clean brand, but still a bit more trend following than classic denim brands.

How do your hobbies influence what you make?

We consider that anyone should be able to wear our garments all through their day, and feel crazy comfortable in them (especially in our jeans). So we design everything considering it should help our movements all through the day, every day of the week; wither it is riding a bike, walking to work, going for a beer with some friends.

What has been your biggest challenge?

When we launched TBU it was at a moment in Sweden when a lot of new brands were trying to make a name for themselves. Many of these brands had famous names behind them. For us, as totally unknown, emerging as the brand in which retailers and customers should invest was quite a challenge and the first seasons almost no one was interested in our brand and it took a while for us to get stores to believe in the brand.  Thanks to this we grew very slow, which at that time was very struggling, but that we today actually see as the success story of the brand.

What is TBU's lifestyle?

TBU relates to people who work hard and are active but can also enjoy the everyday small pleasures of life, what is made with thoughtfulness, clean, interesting textures and materials. We're close to the "makers"; seekers of comfort, durability and value, unimpressed by luxuries, taking interest into how things are made, how society evolves and environmental issues.  


What's the best advice you've been given?

Allow growth to take time. Do not rush. 


Instagram: @theblueuniform