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Coffee with Melody Joy

Christophe Chaisson

Join us for a coffee focused conversation with Melody Joy, photographer & coffee connoisseur... 

What is your favorite Coffee Shop?

I have a favorite coffee shop in every city. One shop that instantly comes to mind is @cairngormcoffeeco. It is located in beautiful West End of Edinburgh, Scotland. I spent the majority of my days sitting and working in their beautifully lit space when I visited this past trip. 

What is your favorite coffee shop drink?

I always like to try a latte in every shop I go to. When I work from home I just drink espresso or straight black coffee, so when I am visiting shops, I love trying espresso milk based drinks, and a latte or flat white(depending on what country i'm in), is always my go-to. The latte art when visiting shops doesn't hurt my images as well.

What makes a good coffee shop?

A combination of the lighting, the baristas personalities and of course the quality of coffee(a must) really are the determining factors for a shop to become a favorite of mine. 

Why do you love coffee/coffee culture?

I love the friendly atmosphere that coffee shops cultivate. I always enjoy meeting new people and coffee shops tend to provide a perfect atmosphere to connect with other entrepreneurs in the creative industry as well. I hold meetings in coffee shops, I work from my laptop in coffee shops, and I also hang out with friends and chat about life in coffee shops. It's a culture that breeds conversation, I feel, and I am all about that. 

My favorite coffee culture photo tip:

Make sure that you have plenty of natural lighting by a window, as that provides more true colors of the coffee and table scape. And don't worry about setting up a perfectly styled shot, if all you have is your coffee cup and the table, try to find a few new angles to shoot it from, instead of trying to add more props to the image. Sometimes backing up and getting the texture of the table or the background scene provide a lovely balance to your simple cup of coffee sitting there, in all of its glory. I always am an advocate for minimalism. 


Instagram: @melodyjoyco