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Jones of Boerum Hill


Jones of Boerum Hill

Ben Ashby

We sat down with our favorite apron maker to learn more about them, their aprons, and their thoughts on the maker movement...

Who are you
Deirdra & Iestyn Jones, a husband and wife team that live and work in
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Iestyn is from Wales, and comes from a sales and
marketing background. Deirdra is from New Hampshire, and has been in NYC's
fashion industry doing design & production for the last 10 years (I just
left my long term job at Steven Alan last month).

What is your business
Jones of Boerum Hill is an apron & workwear company started in 2012. JoBH
supplies high quality, stylish, and durable aprons to restaurants, hotels,
perfume shops, butchers, tattoo parlors, and barbers all over the world.
JoBH also sells to the home chefs and artisans worldwide. JoBH has been
lucky enough to collaborate on some great projects with the likes of
Knickerbocker Manufacturing, Marcus Samuelsson, Eataly, and Le Labo
Perfume, among many others.

Why are you a maker
We spent years in the corporate world, and it just wasn't for us. We both
prefer to work with our hands, and create a product that people love. We
both are drawn to the creativity of designing and producing, it's exciting
and also a very fulfilling way to make a living.

Why support makers
The reason that people should support local makers is two-fold: 1. they are
getting a much, much higher quality product for their money, and 2. they
are supporting a system of ethical and sustainable sourcing and production.
This is a very good thing for the economy as well as the environment.

Why keep Main Street alive
Community and local commerce should be the backbone of the economy and
society for so many reasons. We would sustain a better place to live and
work if this idea was more widespread in America.