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Maker | Duluth Pack


Maker | Duluth Pack

Heath Stiltner

Every adventurer needs a great, dependable backpack. For Minnesotans, there is a town where all of those thrill-seekers and nature-lovers find their own, Duluth. Duluth Pack has continuously handcrafted hunting, shooting and outdoor gear in MN since 1882. The quality, time-tested craftsmanship & hardware are guaranteed for life. We recently were able to test out a limited edition bag they will soon debut and were able to sit down with them to learn more about the brand in a short Q&A.

How was Duluth Pack created?

Duluth Pack was created by Camille Poirier to fill a need for the timber cruisers that were working in the logging industry and cutting timber to open up rail lines for the mining field.. The industry was requiring a customized pack that would carry all of the supplies needed by the timber cruising profession. It was known as the original #2 Duluth Pack.  

We're most of the products in the beginning carry goods?

Yes, being originally a pack manufacture for utilitarian and rugged use in industry and leisure.

Who designs your products?

The concepts for new products come from our customer base. We then take their request in house and sit with our internal design team and design and build prototypes to meet the need.

How do you find or do you train people to stitch bags and other products?

In the past, the sewing trade was strong in the United States. As the sewing trades went overseas, we had the need to create our own internal training programs. Currently, we hire many people that have no sewing experience and through our internal training program become proficient at the trade of industrial sewing.


How do you get ideas for new products and photo shoots?

The majority of the ideas come from our loyal customer following. Many of our photos come from our customers as they are proud to share their stories and adventures with their coveted Duluth Packs.

What inspires the Duluth Pack brand?

1)      Our loyal customers and our exceptional and dedicated employees are the most valued assets to Duluth Pack.

2)      Quality. The Duluth Pack brand begins and ends with quality.

3)      Premium products for a premium market.

4)      Made in the USA.

5)      Lifetime Guarantee.

How do your hobbies influence what you make?

Many of us are outdoors people that influence many of our outdoor products. Being that we all live busy days during the week, our lifestyle product offering is fitting the need of what we do daily with our purses, handbags, business gear and luggage.

What has been your biggest lesson?

You can survive and grow through difficult economic times, if you stick to your convictions and principles of quality first and continuously manufacturing in the USA.


What's your favorite thing about making carry goods?

It is to see our customers happy and proud of their bags and packs from Duluth Pack, that are still handcrafted in Duluth, Minnesota, USA and carry the lifetime guarantee.  We know this, because they share their stories with us.

What's been your best advice you've been given?

Never compromise on quality and handcrafting our products in America.

What's been your biggest challenge?

To keep up with the demand of our growing brand as we continue to be the must have bags and packs. Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather pack and bag manufacturer in the USA.

You can learn more about Duluth Pack at and follow their adventures and the adventures of Duluth Pack owners on Instagram–@duluthpack.