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Maker | Flidais Parfumerie


Maker | Flidais Parfumerie

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Who are You - Rachel McKeon. I am a native rural Pennsylvanian and a current New Yorker. Admirer of all things beautiful, and a staunch supporter of minimalism, simplicity, and realness in our cluttered universe. 

 What is Your Business - Flidais (pronounced "fleu-ish") Parfumerie is an artisanal aromatics house dedicated to the creation of purely all-natural Eau de Parfum fragrance oils that couple a contemporary nose with a dreamy nostalgia. Sustainably sourced floral, wood, resin, lichen, and citrus essential oils and absolutes are lovingly dropped into individually hand-etched bottles, while a single sprig of dried wildflower completes a minimalist aesthetic, with a nod to Wabi-sabi. Blissfully free of excess preservatives, branding, and packaging. 

What Do You Make - Pure, all-natural fragrance oils. Every Eau de Parfum oil is handcrafted from start to finish using only pure natural essential oils and absolutes. The line of fragrance oils was created to breathe life into the natural perfume world, and bridge the cap between classic aromatics and a contemporary sensibility. 

Why Do You Make - As a professional actor, I found my destiny often out of my hands, having to run to appointments that were made for me, turned down for projects I loved, told where to stand, how to behave. I love that work, but I needed something that I could have creative control over from start to finish, and I wanted it to exist in the physical world. Turning to perfume was a natural step, as scent also provides an exquisite respite from the digital world. Smelling something beautiful is a real, authentic experience that cannot be recreated in any way. It was also crucial for me to create something that wasn't smothered in branding, but could exist as a beautiful item in its own right, as an homage to the natural world.

Why Support Makers - In the current market of big brands and big industry, supporting a product made by one person, or a small group of people is paramount for our economic and social welfare. 

 Why Keep Main Street Alive - There's nothing more special than supporting your own community. It is my belief that human health relies on it. We need to reclaim the American tradition of small town commerce.

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