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Maker | Facture Goods


Maker | Facture Goods

Ben Ashby

I love wooden goods. Maybe it is the Ron Swanson in me, but I love the diversity in goods that can be produced with wood. I love the rawness of it and the integrity of wood. With each piece that is crafted from wood we hold in our hands hundreds of years of growth, human history, the history of our planet, and the story of us all. Wood—trees—the fibers of it all have been around for decades, and in the hands of the right craftsman the goods produced from simple wood will continue on for generations. When I met Aron Fischer I knew he had a bit of Ron Swanson in him, and was a maker I wanted to get to know. 

Who are you? Aron Fischer - Maker at Facture Goods

What do you make? Facture Goods is a provisions line that focuses on handmade utensils and home goods in wood, metal and clay.

Why do you make? Because it not only allows me to be my own boss . . . but it challenges me to be as creative as I can with my material choices.

Why support makers? I grew up in a family of tinkers, engineers and craftspeople who were always creating, growing food or working with their hands.  This is the language that I know. Making gives so many of us absolute freedom to speak when we can't find the words. It provides a balance to the mass produced - to the homogenized.

Why keep Main Street alive -  I feel that our generation has the chance to address the idea of "Main Street" as a cultural phenomenon in a way that it hasn't before because of social media.  We are no longer reliant on taste makers to tell us what we want....instead we are able to share our work with the masses in a way that is thoughtful and honest.