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Maker | Stone + Cloth


Maker | Stone + Cloth

Ben Ashby

Stone + Cloth does a far better job than I possibly could in sharing their story. From amazing visuals to the amazing quality of their goods they are doing amazing things....and thats all before you find out about the amazing charity work they are doing. Read this short q and a for a brief brand overview, but then head to their site and learn about it all!

Who are you?

stone + cloth is a backpack and bag company dedicated to designing quality products that help provide scholarships for students in need. We ask people to Carry an Education. 

Why do you make?

We believe business can be a powerful vehicle to create change. Our vision is to grow up to be a brand that advocates and invests in education on a global scale and we think the best way to get there is by creating high quality products that people love to use. Our non-profit partner, the Knock Foundation, is located in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro focuses on scholarships and developmental needs within the community. 

What do you make?

We make backpacks, totes and other accessories. Our flagship piece is The Benson, a minimalistic reinvention of the original canvas rucksack. We consider our products to be modern, simple and utilitarian. When designing, we always start with the user and think about what they need. We often work with this quote in mind: "a designer has reached perfection not when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing left to take away." Our bags are the final step in the process of identifying problems and finding creative and original solutions. For example, one of our products, The Totepack, is a tote bag that converts into a backpack for those times when your hands aren't free.

Why support makers?
We think it's important to support makers because they're the ones that are always thinking and acting on how to make things better, easier, more fun. And we think it's important to keep that train moving! Nurturing the smaller, grassroots maker is key in keeping quality products and original thinking alive. 

Our Core Value #1: Have fun and get shit done!

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