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Maker | Red House


Maker | Red House

Ben Ashby


Who are you?

My name is Britt and I am the maker behind Red House.

Why be a maker?

Becoming a Maker was never the plan but always our future.  Upon moving our small family to the green mountains of Vermont, we set out to live a more simple, handmade life. Making things was what it was all about. I dove into the art of bread making, pickle jarring, granola baking which carried into the sewing of wood fetchers, storage bins, and market totes. for a good long while, If we needed something we made it. It was not until a dear friend suggested that I make for others did I decide to do so. Now that I have discovered the Maker world, there is nothing I would rather be doing. No industry I would rather engage. No career path I would rather travel. Simply, I love it.

Why should we support makers?

The modern maker is helping redefine what we as a culture find value in. Their inspiring efforts are creating a renaissance of lost craftsmanship that have gone to the wayside, while big box stores and factory assembly lines have dominated the marketplace. We should support the makers as an effort to move away from that modality and begin to place our value on things that embody intention and genuineness. It is in this support,  believe,  that people will shift into a world that places more value on people than it does on things.

Why is it important to keep Main Street alive?*

When we support our Main Streets we are supporting our community, our neighbors, our schools, our people. Spending locally is a continuous and effective way to support a local economy.  In America, the maker movement is returning us to the fundamental grounds on which our society was originally built. At the same time, there is Global Main Street emerging, fueled by individuals seeking to create their own independence thru their craft. It is important that we also support this Main Street, for that community is comprised of our kindred folk.