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Meet Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee


Meet Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Ben Ashby

Makers and small-businesses have always been important to us. We were raised in them, our communities are founded on them, and because of them we have learned the passion to create and seek creative people in our lives. We recently started collaborating with some of our favorite small businesses we've along this journey to create a few products that are unique. Unique because of the people involved, but unique to them as well because they reflect a piece of our story and heritage.


Last year our friends at District Coffee Roasters in Tomball, TX came to us with an idea. Why don't we create a coffee blend together? Of course Heath thought it was a perfect plan at just the mention of the word coffee and I was excited by the idea that we could work with someone whose products and mission we had admired for a while. 

Our first and newest product this year has been a few months in the making and we're excited to unveil it. We spent a while thinking about what we could bring to the dark, smoky luxurious flavors that we always expect out of Billy's coffee when it finally came to us one day. Bourbon. Inspired by our bluegrass roots we teamed up with Billy to create something together that lets everyone taste a little bit of our home in theirs.

Billy says that being a maker is about the joy and satisfaction that comes with creating a great product that consumers can enjoy and share with others. "We roast coffee because we enjoy the hands on craft, the community element, and the culinary presentation." They specialize in toasting the sweetness out of top-flight specialty coffee beans. All of this leads to amazing conversations and creativity that inspires and is inspiring to Billy and the other makers he works with.


The FOLK X District Coffee Bourbon Roast will mark the beginning of a string of partnerships with small brands across the U.S. that are doing exciting and unique things. We hope you will support the makers we will be collaborating with and get to know more about them as we start a new journey with them. "We believe in supporting makers because they are the essence of what makes our country such a great nation," says Billy of District Coffee Roasters. "The creativity and entrepreneurial drive to make great things is at the heart of America and this new maker movement."