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Domestic Domestic


Domestic Domestic

Heath Stiltner

This holiday season we've been partnering up with some of our favorite stores and makers to share their stories. The stories of they created their businesses and what owning their own business means to them. When you support a small business you support, a community, a family, and a dream. This week we meet Heather Smith, the owner and creator of Domestic Domestic and get to know her lifestyle brand store.

How was Domestic Domestic created?

Domestic Domestic is my 7th small business start up. Previously, I owned a kitchen shop called Eggshells. As the buyer I began to notice my habits gravitating towards American goods – mainly for their quality. That transition opened my eyes up to the transparency of working with American companies. One company in particular, PK Grills, which is located in Little Rock we credit with the inspiration for this shop. 

Were most of the products in the beginning home goods?

Yes. Clothing and shoes fell into place after discovering so many great brands. 

How do you decide which products to carry from your brands?

It varies from brand to brand. Ethically produced, well designed, lasting heritage, or just plain awesome!

In addition to your heritage brands, how do you find new brands?

Talking with makers and other shops. I am blown away by the open communication we all have in this field. Clearly we all realize the better each does individually the better we all will do. We also attend events such as American Field to make new connections. 

Will/Do you create collaborative products with brands you work with?

Absolutely! We have a few on the floor now and are always looking to team up with other companies. 

What inspires the Domestic Domestic brand?

We are driven by the “quality” lifestyle. There is a satisfaction when you are surrounded by well made things. 

How do your hobbies influence what you carry?

I believe in a well balanced life. There is a time to work hard. There is a time for travel and learning. There is a time for family. And there is a time to relax. Combining all of these creates that well balanced life. Our products are for this lifestyle. 

What has been your biggest lesson?

Still working on this!

What's your favorite thing about supporting American makers?

The results are very immediate!

What's been your best advice you've been given?

Do what you love. I can sell anything. I chose to sell what I believe in.  

What's been your biggest challenge?

Growing too quickly. Sometimes we have to take a step back and refocus. 

To learn more about Heather and Domestic Domestic, follow her on Instagram @domesticdomestic and visit her website at