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Oh Holy Delicious! | Our 5 Fav. Pecan Pie Recipes


Oh Holy Delicious! | Our 5 Fav. Pecan Pie Recipes

Ben Ashby

Christmas is coming! The warmth of the autumn season is quickly fading into the cold joys of the holiday season. With that the woods are scattered with delicious organic-free-range pecans. You could spend hours harvesting the tiny nuggets of delicious only to spend even longer busting those nuts--we mean cracking those nuts, as you prepare to turn them into pie...but who are we nor I are Ina just go to the store and stock up and lets bake some pies. These are our 5 favorite pecan pie recipes from 5 of our favorite bloggers.

1) Chocolate + Pecan Pie by Living the Gourmet

2) Rich Chocolate Pecan Pie by Crumb Kitchen

Chocolate chunks and crunchy pecans swirl together with a flaky pie crust in this decadent rich chocolate pecan pie.
3) Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie by Crumb Kitchen
4) Dark Chocolate Brownie Pecan Pie by Melanie Makes

5) Pecan Custard Pie by Briana Thomas

There you have it! Our 5 favorite pecan recipes for this Christmas season! No Ina needed. Just simple and easy and festive. Always festive.

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