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DIY Painted & Gilded Ornaments

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How to make painted and gilded Christmas ornaments

You guys, these DIY painted ornaments are my favorite.  The best part? They only took me an episode of Parenthood to finish. Ok ok, PLUS the 10 minute crying break I had to take. That show…

Anyway, these ornaments are just so cute, easy, and cheap to make!

Right now I (along with everyone else) am a sucker for anything with gold on it, in it, around it, affixed to it…I’ve fallen hard for the gilded trend. Can you blame me? I’m not a bling person when it comes to fashion, but I can’t get over the glitzy home decor trend.

Do you want to make these? Great! I’ll show you how. I mean really, you could probably figure it out yourself, but hey….I took plenty of pictures for you!

DIY Plastic Animal Ornaments


Here’s what you need!

- Paint. Spray paint, acrylic paint, chalkboard paint…whatever kind of paint you want to use. You just go for it.

- Plastic animals! I thrifted some of these, but I found a few of them at Walmart as well.

- Some sort of adhesive. I used hot glue primarily, but a few of the animals wouldn’t stick very well, so I also used crafter’s adhesive.

- A paintbrush to get in those hard to reach places.

- Any kind of twine, embroidery floss, leather strips, etc. to attach to the ornament for hanging.

Ok, so now that you’ve gathered all your supplies, start painting. I mixed it up between white and gold,  of course.

 DIY Painted & Gilded Plastic Animal Ornaments
I haven’t done this yet, but i thought it would be neat to do half white and half gold paint on a few of them! You can even add glitter if you want. Go crazy!! (but, you know, have it on a cleanable surface unless you want to be picking glitter up until next Christmas)

After they’ve dried, fire up your hot glue gun! I was joking with a friend today about crafting, and how I should get a tattoo of 2 hot glue guns crossed..right on my shoulder. Well, only half joking. Part of me thinks that would be kinda cool….but then I thought about needles and broke out into a cold sweat.

Anyway.  Cut a 2-3” strand of your thread, twine, etc. and add a drop of hot glue to the backside of the animal. I added mine more toward the top, so it would hang straight, but play with it. You’ll know where it needs to be.

DIY Painted & Gilded Plastic Animal Ornaments

Let the hot glue dry, and you’re done!! Seriously, how easy is that? These would make such cute gifts!! I’d love to know if you’ve made something similar, or plan on making these! Do you have any suggestions for me? Would LOVE to hear from you!

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16 Responses to DIY Painted & Gilded Ornaments

  1. Love simple crafts – and would love to see that tattoo if you go for it!!

  2. Darlene Dahlen says:

    Tattoos aren’t so bad, really ,unless you do a honking huge thing that takes hours or days lol. Loved the deer peeking out before all the critters showed up. They look pretty cute!

  3. I absolutely LOVE those and your little video at the end is so fun!! Well done!

  4. LUCY says:

    so sweet Jana…love what you’ve done here…so fun ! xo

  5. Gloria says:

    Jana try DecoArt Glamour Dust paint (Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc) it comes in lots of colors and Ice with no color. I use it to add bling to all of my hand painted ornaments. All over or to add highlights, multiple layers, no mess.

  6. Oh my gosh, the walking wildlife!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! So so cute!

  7. Ella says:

    This is a cute idea but nothing new, we’ve seen it a hundred times. It would be nice to see something fresh & new. As with all design the key is scale, what makes these little ornaments really look great is using a small, thin cording/string to hang them with, the one you used, as seen in your photos is too thick, & of course the color is all wrong. Also, not a big fan of the huge glob of glue on the back, which is visible from different angles if your hanging it on a tree. Tie a thin glittered string around the ornament, or drill a small hole in the top & screw in a small eye hook, it only takes a few more minutes. But I guess it just depends on how much effort you want to put into it & what level you want your finished product to be. Love the blog though…

    • Hi Ella! Thank you for your interest in this project! This craft in particular was new to me when I found out about it recently, so I was excited to share it with our readers over here. The cord thickness and color I chose specifically because it’s my personal preference, but of course anyone doing this craft themselves is welcome to use any materials that suit them :) much like most DIY projects. Drilling a hole would definitely make the finished ornament look cleaner from all angles, but for those interested in a cheaper and simpler way, using a nice clear glue will probably go unnoticed. Have a wonderful week! XO

  8. Absolutely LOVE this! I learned about painted animal ornaments recently and you’ve done the best version I’ve seen yet! I love how you used different colors and I personally prefer glue to drilling.

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