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The hidden potential: picture frames

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Don't pass up those yard sale frames. With a little paint and layering they can become a beautiful addition to your home! Visit to see the before and afters!

Cheap old frames  in a squished box sitting all alone to the side of a yard in the damp grass, you just walk by not giving them a second thought. Well, how much do you pay for picture frames at your big fancy decor store? A lot, right! Frames are not cheap. Next time you are browsing around the yard sale, not finding anything inspiring, stop and browse through those old frames. With a little bit of sprucing up they will become exactly what you want for usually under $1.

Obviously, these frames aren’t much to look at. Use your imagination. You’ll notice the one on the left is an old frame and doesn’t have glass. There are many things you can do with frames that don’t have glass, but that is a whole other very long post. With this project there is a particular piece of art that I am wanting to display behind glass, so I took a smaller frame that is newer and nestled it inside of the larger one.

First, paint. I did a very quick two coats of white paint. My super top secret tip for getting a distressed look on frames (pro painters-look away.) is to sand while the paint is still tacky and not completely dry. I know, it sound crazy. Just start by sanding lightly- some of the paint will peel away and the rest of the paint will dull and create an aged appearance.

After a little paint yard sale frames become a vintage style beauty. Layer two frames together and it is transformed into one of those expensive fancy frames for under $1 !!

When dry I placed my photo in the frame, nestled them together, and hung them individually to appear as one. From two junk frames to one fabulous vintage inspired large frame that would cost you so much more if you were to purchase them at your favorite hobby store- all for under $1 !!I love this! Amy from mommahenscoop.com took two cheapo frames, painted them, and layered them together to appear as one of those francy, expensive antique frames. Great idea!

Next time you pass by that crumpled old box at the yard sale think of me and say to yourself, “What can I create from this junk?”

I love this! Amy from mommahenscoop.com took two yard sale elcheapo frames, painted them, layered them together to create one large antique-like frame. Great idea!

“T” print by ‘The Salvaged Sparrow.’

click to visit MommaHen's Coop

click to visit MommaHen’s Coop 

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