Initials in heart carving photo display for Valentine's Day

Sweetheart photo display-Valentine’s Day DIY

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Rustic photo display for Valentine's Day created by Amy Thayer of

Have you been procrastinating on what to gift your sweetie? I won’t judge, Unfortunately, I have done the same. It’s usually bad manners to scar up Mother Nature’s bounty  just to devote your undying love to someone. However, it’s a sweet one!  With this project you will get the same sweet gesture without doing any harm. And whip up a devoting gift just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Initials in heart carving photo display for Valentine's Day


You will need:

10″ compound miter saw

wood cutting blade

5″-ish round log

electric wood burning tool



Plug in your electric burning tool (found at most big chain stores or local hardware stores)

Start with a seasoned or dried log of about 5″ in width. We are going to cut a 2″ thick slice from the log, but first create a notch in the log at about the 1″ mark.

cut log to create a photo display by Amy Thayer of

cut a little slot into a log slice to create a photo display. A Valentine's Day craft by Amy Thayer of

Then continue to cut the slice of log off at about 2″. Realize that this doesn’t have to be perfect. However, you want it to be thick because it is going to be free standing.

Quick sketch of initials in heart to be "carved" by burning tool for photo display. By Amy Thayer of

Then use your pencil to create a simple and sweet sketch. Mine was created for myself and my husband. Slowly drag your burning tool around your sketch using the largest tip. I’ll have to add that I purchased this tool thinking I was going to do beautifully artist pieces. That didn’t happen. However, I have used it quite a bit for small projects. I would say it has been worth its money and long lasting.

Rustic photo display for Valetine's Day. Created  by "carving initials in heart on log slice

After this it can be complete or you can seal with a varnish. I left mine unfinished.

Use a burning tool to create a carved initials in heart on wood slice for rustic photo display. By Amy Thayer of

I really enjoyed digging through old photos to find just the right photo to display. The best part about this project is that photos can be switched out as little or as often as you would like with one simple swipe. The photo just sits in the little slot, let gravity take care of it for you.

Going through old photos to be displayed in crafted photo display by Amy Thayer of

Initials in heart carving photo display for Valentine's Day

Amy Thayer of

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    Very sweet!

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    Thank you

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