FOLK’s Lifetime Subscription Giveaway

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Win a lifetime subscription to FOLK

Would you like your subscription to FOLK to be converted to a lifetime subscription? If so, you’re in luck! Once this photo gets shared 1,000 times on Facebook we will start giving away the lifetime subscriptions. One an hour for 48 hours, yes, every hour.

HOW TO ENTER: It couldn’t be easier. If you’re a current subscriber you are already entered to win. If you aren’t a subscriber yet… simply subscribe below for just $10.00 for an entire year. That is a fabulous prize too.

The contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada due to extreme shipping costs internationally.

Winners will be announced in this post only. So be sure to check back here often.

The goal of this contest is to increase FOLK’s subscriber count so that we can reach more and more people as we seek to support American-made goods and small businesses across the nation. We want to be able to provide a national and international platform for small businesses to be promoted on in an environment that encourages appreciation for the hand-made, American-made, and authentically-made goods. We need your help in doing this. We truly appreciate everyone’s support of FOLK and the communities, businesses, artisans, and brands we represent. For we are all in this together.


Winter will soon be spreading across the southern states and FOLK is ready to celebrate by releasing our Winter 2013 issue. Grab a coffee, a cozy throw, and a good nesting place and prepare to read the winter days away. Our Winter issue will release mid-January, but we wanted to present a preview, one that I certainly hope will encourage you to subscribe! Below are a few of my favorite images from the past year. Enjoy them + be sure to subscribe before our $10.00 full year subscription ends — while you’re at it, be sure to tell your friends. We love social media, and we know they will love FOLK too!

 I want to say thank you for all of your support by offering a $10.00 subscription (1 year of FOLK / 6 issues).  Yes, you will get a full year of FOLK for almost cheaper than a single issue!  The offer only lasts for a few days, so hurry, and don’t forget to stock up on gift subscriptions — $10.00 gifts, how awesome is that? I know I will be giving the gift of FOLK to so many of my friends this year.If you are already a subscriber you can take advantage of this offer by extending your current subscription.

Below are the buttons for personal subscriptions, gift subscriptions, and extensions, please take note of which button you are clicking and any specific instructions.

Do you have any questions? Simply email us at We will answer emails as quickly as possible.


Before subscribing check out the best of year one. You won’t believe what we have in store for 2013. It is going to be an amazing year.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Your own 1 year (6 issue) subscription.

Have a FOLK-filled 2013 with six issues of FOLK delivered to your house for only $10.00 {almost cheaper than a single issue, yes I will say it one more time}

Your first issue will be MARCH 2013

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


For gift giving. (click button below)

Give the gift of FOLK to everyone this year with this fabulous deal.  A gift that just keeps giving!

*** For gifts, provide THEIR address in the NOTE area***

Their first issue will be MARCH 2013

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Extend your current subscription for 1 more year (6 issues). (click button below)

Are you current FOLK subscriber? Extend your subscription for an additional year (6 more issues) by clicking below. We will make sure it picks up when your current subscription runs out.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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22 Responses to FOLK’s Lifetime Subscription Giveaway

  1. Laura says:

    You are the best! Already subscribed but wishing for a lifetime!

  2. Deborha Smith says:

    Anxious to get my new subscription. I love all the posts that I get on FB, can’t wait to curl up in the blanket, with a cup of coffee, and read my new books from front to back…….Anxiously waiting.

  3. sandi says:

    Wow, Folk for a lifetime – what a prize to hope for!! Love Folk magazine – the best magazine in print!

  4. David Shivers says:

    Until a friend posted this on facebook, I had no idea your magazine existed. I liked your page on facebook. I am anxious to see what you are about.

  5. Trudy Moye says:

    Would you make sure that I am entered…..I had just mailed in my new subscription.

    Thanks, Trudy

  6. Lisa Reeves says:

    Already a subscriber! Lifetime would be awesome!

  7. Melissa Frances says:

    WOW a life time…YES!!! I cannot wait to get my first one!!

  8. kym says:

    lifetime WOW count me in

  9. I already subscribe, but a lifetime would be awesome!!

  10. Grace says:

    Not only am I exciited to receive my first Folk issue, but possibly being chosen for a lifetime subscription… super excited! Thank you for a fabulous mag, and for the unique opportunities you present! Have an abundantly blessed day!

  11. Joani says:

    Awesome photo. Great for you to give away lifetime subscription. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Here, sunny Arizona, it’s raining. :(

  12. Sherri Boyce says:

    WOW! This would be so cool! I just renewed my subscription a month or so ago, because I LOVE the content and photos!!!! Would love to win a lifetime subscription! Thank you for offering everyone the chance!

  13. Lauralee L. says:

    Already subscribed! Would love to win this! Thanks for an awesome chance!!

  14. Renee says:

    And shared!!! And am anxiously awaiting my first copy !!! It looks wonderfully inspiring! I am thinking of buying a subscription for my Drs. office,that would also be a good way to get alot of people to subscribe you know. Sometimes people waiting in hospitals and things might sit and read it where as they might not have otherwise.

  15. Linda Lu says:

    Oh, I am a subscriber and recently RESubscribed! Love this magazine!
    A lifetime magazine subscription would be awesome!

  16. Linda Lu says:

    Oh yes I forgot but I shared this on my FB page!! And I have at least 1 like already !

  17. Roberta says:

    Waiting for my first issue to arrive. Should have received it by now.

  18. Laurie Buck says:

    I would love to win a lifetime subscription!

  19. Jeanie Neville says:

    Your magazine looks gorgeous! I’d love to win a subscription.

  20. M. Rose says:

    A Lifetime Sub would be awesome!

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