Deck the Halls With a Little Magnolia

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Back Porch Farmhouse

Deck the Halls with bunches of magnolia.

Fa la la la la….

……la la la la.

I am all about decking the halls and the porch….on a dime.

There a so many ways to stretch your holiday decorating budget without even opening your pocket book.


Noel Pinecone


Here’s an easy, simple decorating idea.

My Christmas trees for the porch are a little worn around their Christmas edges.

Bedraggled and forlorn.

They look like they have seen better days.


Porch Dining Room


They weren’t really even fit to be inside anymore.

The trees kept dropping needles and were scraggly and lumpy and bumpy and full of holes after you put all the branches in.

They were trying so valiently to live up to the moniker “Christmas tree”…..and failing miserably.

Bless their little evergreen hearts.




And as I stared at those pitiful evergreen branches….I had an idea.

Scraggly trees with holes need a burst of life.

A burst of greenery.

Why not stuff them with fresh magnolia?




The trees are outside on the porch.

It’s cold so the magnolia will stay fresh longer.

And the best part…..the fresh magnolia is free and abundant.

The perfect combination for a bargain shopper.


Christmas Farmhouse Screened In Porch


So I clipped fresh magnolia and stuffed and fluffed and then stuffed some more.   Then hung a few ornaments and tags and ribbons and snowflakes.

It was amazing.

The magnolia made the trees look they had a haircut and a lifestyle lift

Like they graduated magna cum laud from an ivy league university.

And got an all-expenses paid scholarship to medical school.


Christmas Pine Centerpiece

Christmas decorating on a dime.

It’s simple and easy.

All you need is a little magnolia….and a little Christmas imagination.

Merry Christmas.


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8 Responses to Deck the Halls With a Little Magnolia

  1. I love magnolia. It is so pretty. Great tip Karianne.

  2. Lucy says:

    Beautiful …I wish magnolia was free and abundant around these’s is actually the most expensive of the greens…:( but who is not to say you can’t put other greens in there …thank you for sharing …xo

  3. Sarah | Offbeat & Inspired says:

    Great ideas! Looks beautiful!

  4. theboldabode says:

    Lovely, girl!

    It’s a White {paper} Christmas over here… Cheap. Cheap.

  5. Sherry Smyth says:

    I love using things found around the home, things that can be re purposed or just dressed up with some greenery, ribbon, paper…to make it look festive.

  6. Beautiful, Karianne! We do have a magnolia tree but those leaves are up high!!! I can reach the spruce, juniper and holly though! ;)

  7. Anne says:

    Perfect solution Kerrianne! So pretty!

  8. Melissa says:

    So beautiful & relaxing looking

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