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As a child of the 60′s (yes, I’m getting old, don’t remind me), one of my fondest memories was going to pick out our Christmas tree from the Christmas tree lot, bringing it home, stringing the lights, and getting out the collection of ornaments my mom had so lovingly put together for our family.  Along with the big fat colored lights that we clipped on the trees, those pretty and colorful glass ornaments that many of us grew up with were the crowning jewels to our tree.

Do you remember them too?

Back then, there were no designer trees.  No special colors and trendy trees.  Most everyone did those big fat colored lights and all the ornaments were colorful too.  We never had just red and green on our trees.  It was an explosion of fun colors.  That’s what I remember the most.  Those ornaments were so pretty and  magical to my little bitty self and I can remember sitting under the tree, with the lights all lit up, looking at the ornaments and dreaming of Christmas.  Don’t forget those shiny silver icicles too.  That was the finishing touch on those trees of childhood.

My mom passed on these beautiful ornaments to me a couple of years ago and that made me really happy. The oldest box was from a store called Christo’s and the price tag was 59 cents.  Oh my, can you imagine?  They just don’t make them like this anymore. Well, maybe they do, but for a huge price tag, perhaps?

There is nothing like a colorful and shiny Christmas tree and looking back on those childhood real trees I grew up with, I can still smell the scent of pine wafting through the house and watching those lights come on every night as our family eagerly awaited Christmas morning.  It was a magical and sweet time.

Now that I have my family’s shiny brite ornaments, I want to protect them and care for them and then one day, my niece, Lauren, will get this collection from our family to keep and protect too.  I don’t hang them on the tree anymore, they are too fragile and I don’t want to take a chance on losing one of them.  So, for now, they get piled in a bowl or cloche, where their vintage glowing balls can be appreciated and savored with the season.

Vintage Shiny Brites, such a beautiful memory of my childhood and I suspect, yours too?  May that magical time be forever alive in all of us as we embrace the past and look towards the future as well.

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here again.  May your Christmas be merry and bright!

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11 Responses to Crowning Jewels | Guest Post: Southern Hospitality

  1. Rhoda,
    Love your Shiny Brite collection and I have a huge one of my own! My husbands father collected them and now they are a great reminder of him.

    I also scored many at estate sales – my latest batch of 5 boxes for only $5!

    Love that you’re holding onto those memories and will pass them along one day.

  2. Tiffany | Offbeat & Inspired says:

    This reminds me of how I used to feel about our tree when I was little! What a beautiful post! My husband and I have been getting fake trees for the last few years but this year we wanted to honor the Christmases of our childhood and get a real tree. Your post just made me even more excited about decorating it!! :)

  3. My family has a shiny brite collection, too. I remember those ornaments fondly from our tree! I loved your post, especially how you are passing down the tradition to other family members.

  4. Wonderful post, Rhoda! I adore and miss these decorations and naturally, wish I had the family ornaments from the past. So glad you get to cherish your own collection!

  5. Beautiful post, Rhoda! Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of your family Christmas.

  6. I love your collection of ornaments Rhoda. They are beautiful reminders of fond childhood memories.

  7. Lucy says:

    Rhoda, I love these! I use these kinds of ornaments on my classroom tree and my kids LOVE them…your lovely post evokes memories of simple joyful holidays.

  8. Thanks so much, y’all! Excited to be sharing over here with Ben and Heath at Folk. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  9. Cindybelle says:

    It was always an adventure as a little girl in Mississippi when my daddy would take my big sister and me through the pasture and to the woods to find a Christmas tree. Rose and I would see one in the distance that looked just right — by the time we got to it, we discovered it was so tall it would have fit better in the barn! But one day as the school bus pulled up to let us off, the other children were all squealing and hollering about the BEAUTIFUL (fat) tree that covered our entire picture window! I still remember my heart smiling — and — my family tree last year was 12 feet tall — and REAL!

  10. [...] they cannot imagine a holiday without them–dinner tables overflowing with family recipes, delicate vintage glass ornaments carefully hung on evergreen branches, or maybe a quirky derby hat tree topper.  For some, the [...]

  11. Gay Boston says:

    Nice post. I pinned this framed collection of fragile ornaments recently. I think it’s a great way to display them, yet preserve them. I plan to do it with some antique ones that I have been afraid to unwrap for years. Also, I think I got this from a blog, but somehow Pinterest had it linked to my email inbox (Bad Pinterest!), so I made it Houzz. If I find the actual source, I’ll edit the pin.

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