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Horesefeathers Gifts | Vintage Ball Jar Silk Wrap Bracelet

I firmly believe that everyone could use a bit of ‘Southern’ in their life, a lifestyle that is slow-paced and relaxed. Tonight’s Gift Guide Giveaway features Horsefeathers Gifts and their Vintage Ball Jar Silk Wrap Bracelets.


“We are a mother daughter team that has been friends from the beginning. In 2009 we harnessed that friendship and turned it into a business partnership, launching HorseFeathers from our hometown in Western Kentucky. From barn sales to style consultations, the HorseFeathers brand quickly came together – exemplifying heirloom quality at everyday cost. What started as a small local shop soon bloomed into a national online brand. At, we sell exclusive, vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories. Inspired by rural landscapes and small town living, we love to put a little country in every outfit and home. HorseFeathers Gifts has been featured on Fox News, highlighted in OK! Magazine and loved by celebrities across the nation!

HorseFeathers is an ecofriendly company. Taking care of our planet and our people goes hand in hand. It’s always come naturally to us. From committing to fair trade supply partners to recycling throughout the studio, we are committed to using resources fairly and wisely so we can enjoy the beauty around us for years to come.”

You can purchase Horsefeathers Silk Wrap Bracelets from their website or etsy store. You can also connect with Horsefeathers via Facebook or via telephone at 270-635-1408.

Enter to Win this Vintage Ball Jar Bracelet by leaving a comment on this post. Where do you see country or southern lifestyle accents in your own life? This silk wrap bracelet features our exclusive ball mason jar design cast from reclaimed bronze and strung on a hand dyed silk. Simply wrap around your wrist several times, tie, tuck in the ends, and you are ready to go! It adds a bit of boho chicness to your eco-friendly day! A winner will be selected at random on December 12th and contacted via email.

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135 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide | Horsefeathers Gifts

  1. RoseMary King says:

    In the 3 pairs of boots I own. :) )

  2. Tisha says:

    Love this bracelet!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Peggy Parmley says:

    Love Ball jars so much,I made a chandiler using 5 of them and a fence post.

  4. Patricia says:

    Love southern cooking.

  5. Cindy Thurman says:

    with our southern cooking

  6. Would love to be a winner.

  7. Erica says:

    Love the bracelet! ESP because of the ball jar touch!

  8. Penny Kling says:

    In my home, & my every day life….I live down a dirt road, in open range country. My home decor reflects our cowboy lifestyle, and since I grew up in Texas, my kitchen has a Lone Star theme. :D

  9. Lisa McGunnigle says:

    I love distressed barn board used for picture frames and signs.

  10. Cindi Pate says:

    I am southern through and through – in the way I talk, the way I walk and the way I drink my sweet tea from a Ball canning jar! Sure would love to win this beautiful bracelet!

  11. Nanci Bliss-Kelley says:

    My way of organization is too have “like kind” items in Ball jars! Works beautifully!

  12. Susan Taylor says:

    Want this bracelet! Awesome. See southern accents throughout my home, in my clothing, and all the boutiques I shop…and Folk magazine!

  13. Brittany Riley says:

    In my home decor. My little apartment is furnished with quilts, afghans, distressed furniture, and other “primitive” decor.

  14. peggy says:

    oh!!!!! I would love to win this — and give it to my niece who goes to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana — named for the Ball Corporation! and…I love and collect Ball jars. Thanks for the wonderful and exciting giveaway!

  15. Kathleen says:

    Love the concept of the jars. Reminds me of my childhood!

  16. kelsey says:

    I see southern influences in family cooking and canning. My dad in particular is a fantastic gardener and canner; I’m no stranger to the pops of jar lids in the kitchen as the canning process concludes :) . I also quite like antique wooden furniture that our family has collected along the way.

  17. Emily says:

    In my upcoming wedding at the end of this month! (: it’s a vintage/rustic/country theme with lots of ball jar centerpieces and some good southern cookin’! (:

  18. Arcia says:

    I would love to wear that!!

  19. I have a lot of country vintage items purchased over the last few years that I just love and these are scattered about my home.

  20. Laura weaver says:

    We see southern touches everywhere. In Tennessee. The

  21. Sheila says:

    In my kitchen mostly it is the heart of my home is and where I feel most comfortable. Also my bedroom where there is a quilt my mom made for me this year. My mother just passed away the day before Thanksgiving, she lived with us the last two months of her life but we have always been close. She always used to grow and can things when I was younger and this year I started growing and canning my own things. She was so happy to share with me all the know how she had not only about canning but with my garden because she has always had a garden and a bit of a green thumb, I on the other hand have trouble in that area but hopefully with all the stuff she has told me I can make it a success now and in the future.

  22. Erika Holmes says:

    I I’ve in Alabama, my whole life is southern down-home goodness. I would proudly wear this all the time, I know all my friends will have to have one too!

  23. Jesica says:

    I see the country in my life in the yearning for the simplicity and pureness of the past in terms of time and cultivating “home”. I see it in the Johnny Cash and Hank Sr. songs that play in my head reminding me of my grandfather and everytime I slip on a pair of boots (which of course I would never have worn in high school *gasp*) that have become my go-to shoes. I love it all! That bracelet would sure look great on my wrist. :)

  24. Judy says:

    Definitely my laundry room! It is full of country charm from the gingham checked curtains to ball jar collection. I love this bracelet, it’s beautiful.

  25. Cheryl says:

    I simply love the country, living in it, playing in it, and watching the wildlife around me, and love vintage, primitive, and just the simple things in life……and I LOVE the bracelet too!

  26. Jeanetta says:

    I see southern and country everyday. It’s my life living down south and on our, we’ll call it “starter farm”. It’s relaxing and hard work at the same time. Simple and yet never boring.

  27. Mandy Burgess says:

    I see country in the tiny accent pieces in my home. This bracelet is the perfect tiny country accent for my wardrobe.

  28. Shawni Cook says:

    Honey, I take my iced coffee in a Ball jar EVERY SINGLE DAY to work, to meetings, to my desk wearing pajama pants, on car rides…to every single place I go! I’ve started so many conversations with people because I carry that jar everywhere. I’ve been teased in jest endlessly about it as well…I love it. I’ve saved a lot of my precious iced coffee by putting it in a Ball jar. It always has a canning lid and ready to be tipped. And I can just put on the lid and shake it in order to give the sugar a good mix in my iced coffee. So, that bracelet would go perfectly when I carry my jar in my coffee drinkin’ hand. ;)

  29. Millie lopp says:

    Wearing my Frye boots! That bracelet would look awesome with them!

  30. Heather says:

    Live in the country-farm here in the country..wear it proudly everyday from the holes in my chore pants to the dirt on my knees, hands, shoes…you name it!

  31. Sheila says:

    I would love to win the beautiful bracelet! I bring country into my life with old denim jackets, antique white petticoats and camisoles and fun leather cowboy boots!!! Add a lot of silver jewelry and you I’m a country girl!!!

  32. Well. I am Southern! ;)

    Love the bracelet!

  33. Anna Gregory says:

    In my den, back porch and yard! It is like I step back in time to a slower more relaxing pace of life. With the hectic hustle bustle of everyday life it is great to have this place to go to and escape!
    Love the bracelet, reminds me of the ole Mason jars that my aunt used to serve sweet tea in!

  34. Sherry says:

    The bracelet is so cute!

    Around here wearing Wranglers is a must!

  35. Heather says:

    Beautiful bracelet! Southern lives in this house through the cooking and the accents lol.

  36. Cindi mcveigh says:

    Love to give this to my sister who moved to tx from nj!
    Or maybe I’d keep it to remind me of her

  37. els manning says:

    I am Dutch. The people that brought me to the States were all country. Love the warmth. And now my 11 yr. old is becoming totally involved in Horse back riding. She has her boots, and hat…:) <3

  38. kristi w says:

    Beautiful! I love a little bit of country/southern charm in my home decor. We lived in North Carolina for several years but are now back home in Washington state. We have to bring a little country into our home to remember the south :)

  39. Karla T says:

    We have a garden, raise chickens, and my daughter rides horses western style.

  40. Janice @GypsyFarmGirl says:

    Everything I do is country and southern. It is who I am.

  41. regaroni says:

    I just fell in love with these!! What a great and creative idea.

  42. Joan Blurton says:

    In my life, I love the country vintage items that remind me of taking it slow and natural. The bracelet is beautiful! Since I’m a new canner (Ball jars) this would be so neat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Bonnie Jobe says:

    Love this bracelet – thanks for the chance to win! Going to go check out your site now!

  44. Sheila Belveal says:

    That is a beautiful bracelet! I love Ball canning jars and they remind of growing up in the country and I love canning with them!

  45. Michelle Erstad says:

    I love & collect Ball jars! My sons name is Mason~he goes out antiquing with me & always has an eye out for jars. My home is a mix of country styles~they all work well together!

  46. Erin Kaven says:

    Love this. I’m a transplant to the south (for 40 years now, haha) and love the look. Love my ball jars, old and new.

  47. Laurie L. says:

    Ha….this is *perfect*!! I canned, this fall, 360 pounds of apples (almost any way you can think of). This was after the strawberries of spring and peaches of late summer canning. I’m set for the winter and early spring. This bracelet is wonderful.

  48. Lori Redman says:

    Southern cooking and decorating! Very unique idea you have!

  49. Kim says:

    My roots are in the south and in the country so it really shows up in my cooking. My mom and grandma have been my mentors in the kitchen!

  50. I’m not a country girl…I don’t think…but I like to be comfortable and keep things simple…more rustic I guess. I do wish I lived on some sort of farm though, maybe with goats or sheelp, lol.

  51. Brandy Kiser says:

    I am soooooooooo IN <3Love<3 with this bracelet!!

  52. Amanda says:

    Definitely in our huge family dinners.

  53. Ti says:

    I LOVE the Ball jar logo!!! I have an ever-growing collection of the jars! Using a lot of them for my ‘apothecary’ wares!
    Country is so different for everyone… I am from the mid-west, but grew up country… love the country and country to me is nature… I bring it in everywhere-in my pictures, fabrics, plants, collections of nature items such as seeds, feathers, nests….. and then, I take ‘inside’ items ‘out’ to nature. Recently, I set up an old iron bed outside, layered with fabrics and phoptographed the gorgeous colors of fall leaves with the rusty tones of the bed, bedding, and other items. love it!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!
    Crossing my fingers on this one for sure!!

  54. Ti says:

    I LOVE the Ball jar logo!!! I have an ever-growing collection of the jars! Using a lot of them for my ‘apothecary’ wares!
    Country is so different for everyone… I am from the mid-west, but grew up country… love the country and country to me is nature… I bring it in everywhere-in my pictures, fabrics, plants, collections of nature items such as seeds, feathers, nests….. and then, I take ‘inside’ items ‘out’ to nature. Recently, I set up an old iron bed outside, layered with fabrics and photographed the gorgeous colors of fall leaves with the rusty tones of the bed, bedding, and other items. love it!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!
    Crossing my fingers on this one for sure!!

  55. Sue Radcliff says:

    Love this bracelet!

  56. nancy d says:

    I love ball jars! I collect them- love the old ones- especially if they come with the top! And I love to can with them. I love the country and want to move to a rural area. Love nature-old barns-and sun warmed tomatoes! I’m just a country girl at heart!

  57. Amy Daugherty says:

    I see country and southern accents in the way I decorate my house, the food I cook and the laid-back, kindness to others, simple way I live my life. I also have a love affair with Ball Jars. :)

  58. Trissa says:

    I “live and breathe” the country lifestyle! Would absolutely love to win the bracelet.

  59. Janice Gum says:

    Love the idea and the colors!

  60. Rhonda says:

    I love drinking sweet tea from a ball jar.

  61. Vicky says:

    I love this bracelet, especially cause I collect Ball jars. I’d love to be the lucky winner.

  62. Mollie says:

    Love this!

  63. Sharon Huffman says:

    Love this bracelet, use a lot of ball jars to decorate and for food storage.

  64. Megan says:

    Love this wrap……
    Wishing all a very Merry Christmas …..

  65. TJ's Mom says:

    Love it! I see country life styles daily in my day. Live in a log home on several acres. The more rustic and country is my style……

  66. Teresa Vanselow says:

    In everything! I was raised on a horse and cattle ranch, so country decor is natural for me.

  67. Sherri S says:

    All I have to do is walk around our small family farm to ‘see’ and live country everyday. I live the southern lifestyle. We have chickens, horses, a jersey milk cow and a garden. Born and bred a Georgia girl! I love my southern roots. This bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!

  68. Tori says:

    Love this bracelet!! It is perfect for my new found crazy with making and canning jam :)

  69. Cathy D says:

    Lovely I think I could really put that to use.

  70. Amy says:

    In some very special antiques that were handed down to me after my Gram died!

  71. Malinda Clay says:

    I am GRITS- Girl Raised In The South. In Mississippi, Southern and Country is a way of life and I love all parts of it. From the “yes ma’am all the way to the Ya’ll” the South is all I know. I love
    Ball and Mason jars but I LOVE this bracelet even more. Thanks for the chance to win. My luck
    has to change so that I can proudly wear it on my wrist.

  72. Traycee Williams says:

    My grandfather would find blue Ball Mason jars for me and I use them as canisters in my kitchen. He passed in August and now I hang onto those jars like they are him!!! I love this bracelet!

  73. Anne Barrett says:

    FOLK and Ball both ROCK! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ya’ll!

  74. Barb says:

    Folk and country living are definitely a part of my life. The magazine rocks my soul….Big Time!!!

  75. Rebecca says:

    Love this!!! Very creative…

  76. sandi says:

    It doesn’t get any more country than ball mason! Beautiful bracelet. Off to check out your website…….Folk/country lives in my house by way of old family heirlooms and photos. Lots of handmades. Can trace the roots of most all things back to the maker or original owner…….love that!

  77. Shirley Thomas says:

    My daughter used blue mason jars for the tables at her wedding. I still have them because I don’t want to get rid of them. I use some of them for flowers and other things around the house. Love the bracelet.

  78. susan o says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

  79. Allison says:

    Would love this!

  80. Sam says:

    Live by the mantra, “I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as fast as I could!” Nothing like the authenticity and genuineness you find down here…and the truths one can often find at the bottom of a Ball mason jar…

  81. Katie says:

    This bracelet is awesome!!!!!

  82. Sara Jayne says:

    I love this bracelet! I use mason jars for everything, just like my mom did :)

  83. Kim Stewart says:

    St tea in the fridge all 365 days a year!

  84. Nanci says:

    Everywhere I look!! I live on a cattle farm in Missouri and our daily lives are COUNTRY!
    LOVE the Ball jar bracelet!! That is sooooo me! Got to have one.
    Merry Christmas!

  85. Gwen says:

    Even though I was born in Illinois, I feel at home in the South – and I love to decorate with country items.

  86. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful bracelet – would absolutely love to win it! I would be the envy of many of my southern girlfriends here in Alabama!

  87. Peg says:

    I absolutely love this…what an imaginative idea!

  88. Deana F says:

    My niece would love this!

  89. Nadein says:

    My husband is a Marine so we travel every where but I am a southern girl. I bring a little bit of my traditions with me a teach others about them. I am from Virginia but my family all lives in Kentucky. So I have a ton of bourbon and recipes that use it! I always go home to Kentucky at Christmas time to see my family it is the only time a year I see them.

  90. Helene says:

    love it!

  91. Sarah says:

    This is the coolest bracelet ever and would look great with my boots and jeans! I use Ball and other old jars in my studio for storage.

  92. Bonnie says:

    What a wonderful bracelet! :)

  93. kim says:


  94. Debbie says:

    Live in Wyoming and am country…the Southern is in my cooking! LOVE the bracelet…I do so much canning, that braceley has my name on it!

  95. Erica H says:

    Wow! So fabulous, and country fantastic!
    I live in the south, in cattle country, so needless to say both are all around me.

  96. Patricia R. Parker says:

    What a neat looking Bracelet—I love Bracelets!!!!!

  97. Shawn Johnson says:

    I love the name Horsefeathers, so unique. I have always lived in the country and I love it. I really don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city. Your bracelets are beautiful, thanks for a great giveaway!!

  98. Erin says:

    I drive a truck and I love it! What a unique bracelet – love it!

  99. Michelle Godkin List says:

    I see “Southern” on my bookshelf, through my windows, and every time I look in the mirror.

  100. Kazy Hinds says:

    My Southern roots show forth in my home…I am from the south but have lived in NY and now Ohio…my home is where I stay connected to my roots and the South is where they are!

  101. Jessica Daily says:

    Would Love to have this in my pics my man and I are having done. Totally stylin’ w/ this. Love the look of vintage wear but most of all the free giveaway. Bless you~~~

  102. Amy Solik says:

    I’m here in Arkansas and I love that I live in the South! So much of my home is rooted in family antiques which make sweet “Southern Hospitality” happen here:))) LOVE the bracelet btw!!!

  103. Denise Fuller says:

    Beautiful bracelet! Love the workmanship!

  104. jennifer says:

    love ball jars…i use them all over my house, they are useful and beautiful!

  105. Andrea Q. says:

    I have 2 Ball jars that sit on my dining room table. The table was built from a reclaimed barn. The table has buck shot holes in cool! Even cooler… those Ball jars contain taper candles which rest on a wrought iron holder that lies within the jar…it lights up the table beautifully.That’s country to me!

  106. Karen says:

    Beautiful bracelet! I use mason jars on my back porch to decorate during the summer.

    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  107. Southern is a way of life, and comes through in my cooking especially. Mason jars are my favorite kitchen accessory.

  108. Marcia says:

    The country in my life us in my heart… back on the farm where I grew up. I love bringing my girls there on weekends. <3

  109. Leslie says:

    Merry Christmas ! I keep my favorite candy..candy corn !! in my Ball Jar year round !! I have to refill it every once in a while !!

  110. Southern is a way of life, a lifestyle. Its in everything from our souther drawl, to the foods we eat (cornbread and sweet tea-FROM A MASON JAR!), the shows we watch, the teams we root for and its also in our style. Its bow ties and ballgowns, big hair and ropers, shiny belt buckles and cute toes in flipflops and….. knowing everyone’s momma’s first name. Bless your heart if you werent born southern.

  111. Sarah Nutter says:

    LOVE. I collect ball mason jars so this is a dream bracelet :) .

  112. Kim Hall says:

    Talk about making my Christmas merry and bright! My high school students would be very envious if in return from Christmas break with this little gem!

  113. Camille says:

    Adorable bracelet! I’m from Birmingham, AL so I’ve got a heavy dose of ‘Southern’ in my life and I love it. :)

  114. Pattie Ealy says:

    Wonderful casual chic look! Wrist candy from a jar!

  115. Jennifer H says:

    I don’t see too many southern accents in my life. The odd cowboy boot here and there maybe. :-) This is a beautiful piece and thank you for the chance to win it!

  116. Heather B says:

    I was born and raised in Georgia, so pretty much every aspect of my life is Southern – and proud of it!

  117. Susan Dressel says:

    Having been born southern and haveing the southern mindset, I now live in Michigan on an old farmstead with vintage as my main style. I love the look of the vintage ball jar bracelet and am in the midst of creating my own jewelery with heirlooms from my family. Hopefully they will be complete for Christmas giving. Love your new magazine.

  118. Jody says:

    I used to make apricot jam using the apricots from our tree. The best with fresh bread and real butter :)

  119. LeAnn Cox says:

    Horsefeathers—I love your bracelets! I have one & always get tons of comments! I am in the south–so country charm is standard in my home! Ball jars, in particular, are all over my house—-great for candles, flower arrangements, and of course, for holding some icey sweet tea!

  120. Sue Myers says:

    How I live…like the business I once co-owned…Hidden Treasures ~ where everything old is new again!!

  121. Susan E. says:

    Love the bracelet … and the canning jars it stands for. I still can with the beautiful blue jars! Thanks for the chance to win this treasure!

  122. KristaR says:

    In the hand me down recipes from my country granny and my southern grandma. Their old quilts and canning jars that are used everyday in my home. The ideals and ideas i was raised with, and that are reflected in my children.

  123. Keri says:

    This bracelet (as well as your other fab creations!!) is lovely! So easy to see this with boots and jeans or a lovely cocktail dress and heels! Hope I get the chance to try my fashion theory out! :)

  124. Michelle says:

    Everywhere! I love to can and live in an old farmhouse!

  125. Tracy Hoover says:

    I live in the Southeast, and the mason jar makes this bracelet soulful! thanks for the giveaway.

  126. Trish says:

    I get Southern Living magazine, does that count?? I am a midwesterner through and through, but in my dreams I am a southern belle ;)

  127. Stephanie says:

    Love this! My husband uses Ball and Madon jars in his photography and art!

  128. Kathleen Ditmore says:

    Love this! So pretty! Everywhere!

  129. Gina says:

    Definitely in the way I dress!

  130. I love this bracelet! Love cowboys,horses,bluejeans,blue skies,turquoise anything,and the sweet smell of clover in the summer.

  131. Margaret Halstead says:

    Uniquely beautiful!

  132. Caitlin says:

    That bracelet is great! I was just thinking about making pickles. I see county in my life when I’m dreaming of chickens, what color to paint a chicken coop, and what to name them.

  133. Debbie Kelly says:

    Ball canning jars are as much a part of my childhood as breathing! Growing up on a farm in south Mississippi, we spent many family hours canning the food that we grew in our garden.
    Love the bracelet! Brings back fond memories.

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