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Tattered Goods | Ruffled Towels and Coasters

The infamous neighborhood holiday party – we all have been to them. It’s only proper to show up with a gift for the hostess. But WHAT? What do you take to the person who opens their home to you this holiday season, expecting you to show up and mingle? Ruffled Towels and Coasters from Tattered Goods. That’s WHAT! Sheila, owner of Tattered Goods, shares her story below:

“I have been making my ruffled flour sack towels for well over 4 years. The first time I brought them to sell at a show, I sold out all 3 days! I was then approached to start making them and offering them wholesale to high-end boutiques here in California. I now have representatives that sell all over the United States and overseas.

I am so proud to offer a product that is made right here in my home. I touch everything, making sure it is just right and will make that lasting impression with someone who has never before seen our products.

We are now offering even more products to go with our lines: table-runners, pillows, place mats and aprons. We pride ourselves with simplistic design approaches on each piece. Best of all, our items are machine washable with permanent press ruffles for limited wrinkling.”

To learn more about Tattered Goods please visit their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook.

Enter to Win two of Sheila’s ruffled towels (similar to the one pictured above) and a set of coasters by leaving a comment on this post. Pay a visit to her Etsy store and let us know what saying is your favorite. A winner will be randomly selected on December 19th and contacted via email.

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65 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | Tattered Goods

  1. Karen says:

    LOVE the towels! so pretty!

  2. Blair Vorbeck says:


  3. Karen says:

    Oh…I didn’t see any sayings to tell you which is my favorite. :0) Just sayin’

  4. rachel says:

    Pretty pretty

  5. Sarah Nutter says:

    These are beautiful – what a lovely saying. I totally believe it’s true, too – prayer does change things :) .

  6. Starr Burgess says:

    Nice! Thanks for giveaway.

  7. Lisa Sommers says:

    I went into their SOLDS as there is only one listings available currently.
    I love love love the bees, the Bike and the fork spoon and knife. The bees are my favorite.
    Adore the style!

  8. Diana Johannesen says:

    I like the prayer Changes things….unusual but simple…great give away.

  9. Angie Leach says:

    ~Prayer changes things~ says it all

  10. Patti Martin says:

    My grandparents had a picture in their house that said, ‘Prayer Changes Things’. It is mine now and I love it. I have a cousin that has MS….If I win, these are hers!

  11. Kaye Tate says:

    Nice towels. Great give away.

  12. Judy says:

    The towels are so pretty. I absolutely love any of the French kind.

  13. Lor Garcia says:

    You are a master crafter! Such beautiful work. I would be blessed to win!

  14. Krystn N. says:


  15. Anita Haines says:

    Love These!!!! And love the Truth they claim!!!

  16. Sheila Belveal says:

    Nice towels! Great giveaway!

  17. Rachael says:

    These are lovely!

  18. Kristi says:

    Wow…these are so pretty :) What a fantastic message

  19. Katrina says:

    Very pretty. I couldn’t see anything in the etsy shop but it said some were supposed to be farmhouse style. I would love to see those!

  20. Mary Beth Hunt says:

    Very pretty.

  21. nancy d says:

    I love flour sacks! They have such a vintage feel! The ruffle is adorable!

  22. Linn s says:

    I love love love the girl’s bike with flower basket!

  23. Teresa O'Neal says:

    The ruffles are adorable. I love the whole concept. You have an extremely creative mind.

  24. Kazy Hinds says:

    Love these!!! Happy Fall Y’all X07 & Peace on Earth Z3 are some of my favs…but I love them all…TY!

  25. Vicki Martin says:

    Got my first magazine, loved it so much I got a gift subscription for my sister!

  26. Karen Natiw says:

    I am appreciative of your blog and in bringing these unique creations to us to see and purchase to BBC use in our these towels especially prayer changes the message

  27. I like Audrey Hepburn’s sayings. I like the Joy to the World, in pink. And I like your towels. Such nice work and ideas.

  28. Lauren Hobel says:

    Very cute items..but I can’t see the phrases in her ETSY shop either :( Would love to see all her designs.

  29. Amy Martin says:

    So many great ones to choose from — I like the blessed definition or This is the day that the Lord has Made . . .

  30. Debbie says:

    “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.”

    Arresting. I also liked the owl “Hoo are you anyway?”

  31. Karen says:

    Love all of these, I have actually asked for some for Christmas! I really like the saying “the devil says, oh no!, She’s up!”

    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  32. Kim Stewart says:

    ILike several but am drawn to BLESSED….

  33. Linda Owens says:

    Couldn’t find any sayings to tell you which is my favorite but I love Prayer Changes Things. And believe prayer does change things.

  34. CarolAnn says:

    Tea towels are the favorites in my kitchen drawer. They hold so many memories from childhood and my early marriage. Seems like the older stained ones are the ones I reach for the most, I hate to part with them. Thanks for offering such an uplifting and lovely line of what I already enjoy so much.

  35. Nanci says:

    I LOVE Prayer changes things!! soooo true.

  36. Becky Reavis says:

    Very pretty. These would look great in my kitchen.

  37. Katie says:

    I love the organically grown and be the kind of woman ones :)

  38. eliza says:

    Very sweet.

  39. Judy Barack says:

    Beautifully made and beautifully said!!

  40. Teresa Vanselow says:

    I like the Floursack,Tea Towel, Inspirational With Ruffle Cottage, Shabby Chic,French, Farmhouse, it starts out Be the kind of woman.

  41. Shawn Johnson says:

    Really nice towels, I love the ruffles and I think my favorite saying is don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. I say that all the time!! LOL

  42. Gayle says:

    Flour sack dish towels are the BEST way to dry dishes – I can’t believe some of the stuff some people use to do this job! These are so beautiful with the ruffles and the logo – please add my name to the drawing!

  43. vicky says:

    Flour sacks are wonderful

  44. I like “Life’s a journey, Enjoy it”. thank you so much!

  45. barb says:

    Prayer Changes Things is always a great saying but I am also partial to You Are My Sunshine…we sang that song often in our home, as kids!:)

  46. Grace says:

    Prayer changes things is rather lovely~

  47. Laurie Forbes says:

    I love these towels and aprons! (Especially the “Farm Animals and Livestock” with a full-view pic of a cow.) Would love to win this in the draw!

  48. Laura says:

    Blessed and the list of wines are awesome and I like Prayer changes things

  49. Rhonda says:

    All of the designs are wonderful, but I really like the tea towel with the vintage gardening advertisement.

  50. Patricia says:

    I like that the Prayer Changes Things towel has matching coasters.

  51. Kat says:

    Prayer Changes Things is my very favorite–it is SO true! Fabulous towels…

  52. Pam Ballard says:

    I love Tattered Goods etsy site. I have some of her towels and love them. They wash great and do not fade.. Thanks for the chance.

  53. I love the towels and especially the message they remind us of. I truly do believe God hears our prayers and at the same time, we receive comfort in knowing that there is Someone there to take the burden from us.


  54. Aimee J says:

    I LOVE the “You are my sunshine” towel. I wish I had seen that before Christmas, it would have gone right on the top of my list! Thanks for the giveaway and for leading me towards yet another fantastic etsy shop

  55. Elisabeth says:

    The “I don’t want to hear any chicken scratch” is cute!

  56. Darcell says:

    Your towels make me smile.

  57. Kate says:

    I just love these! Especially “You are my sunshine..” so adorable!

  58. I dearly love the tea towel with “You Are My Sunshine”…I am now a grandmother of two (at the very young age of 46!) and this is the song I always sing to my two grandchildren…and the song I always sang to my identical twin daughters…the mommies of my grandbabies. In the light of the CT tragedy, singing this song brings tears. How I love my “babies”…

  59. laurie overholtzer says:

    ‘Prayer changes thing’s and ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’ are favorites. Aren’t they lovely items?

  60. Kristen Sherman says:

    I like “I don’t want to hear any chicken scratch.”

  61. Amy says:

    Prayer changes things because it is 100% true!

  62. I’d love any of the farm animal towels. Thanks!

  63. ruby t says:

    What a hard choice as all of the towels are fun.
    My favorites are the little bird on a bicycle, the cake that says scrumptious, the chickens before they hatch,the chicken that says omlette, and the rooster who is ruling the roost.
    Happy Holidays.

  64. Marie C. says:

    Although I love all your designs, my favorite was the about counting the chickens before they hatch. Merry Christmas!

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