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juNxtaposition | Typewriter Key Jewelry

Do you have someone on your list who truly appreciates re-purposed jewelry or is in the field of journalism? Are you looking for something for a special someone that is unique? Tonight’s Gift Guide Giveaway features juNxtaposition, owned and operated by Jeanne Cherry. She shares her story below:

typewriter key bracelet

“I have been an artist/crafter for as long as I can remember. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was 4! I always loved to draw and won art exhibits as a child. Not to mention, I participated in every craft imaginable as a girl scout.  As for being a recycler, or ‘picker’ as we call it, that started as soon as I could drive myself to the flea market and ride around on ‘trash’ night in our neighborhood looking for cast offs!

I was not interested in antiques until my grandparents passed away. As we were cleaning out their house  I came across a hoosier cabinet in the basement that my Pap had filled with old coffee cans packed full of screws, nails, nuts and bolts. I fell in love instantly!  I pulled it out and cleaned it up. It then sat in my kitchen for a long time…(now it is my shipping station in my studio).

This all led to ‘Your Grandmother’s Kitchen’ antique shop which I owned with a friend for a number of years. We specialized in hoosier cabinets (which were all made here in the US), but carried a number of other antique items.  This led to more flea markets, and auctions and weekend antique fairs to hunt for inventory.

Somewhere along the way I had enough of moving furniture all of the time and was looking for something ‘smaller’ that I could do alone. I painted for a while, small vintage items, etc, but I still wanted something even smaller than that !  I noticed that typewriters were always available at auctions and fleas for a really low price, or free, because no one wanted to lift them.  I had seen typewriter bracelets in a very high end catalog and thought ‘I can do that’ – only much less expensively so that they can be shared with everyone! I went out and I found some typewriters and gave it a shot. This is when juNxtaposition was born. The art of placement of juNk! (a takeoff of the decorating term juxtaposition)  That was 7 years ago. The antique store is now closed, and the jewelry has gone through many changes and upgrades that have led me to where I am now.

I create a line of jewelry and accessories that are made with other’s discards.  I believe in a sustainable approach to fashion and revel in making old into new. On-trend, I am using a host of recycled materials which include long forgotten antique typewriters, old keys, discarded formica samples, dusty old dictionaries and silverware aged and tarnished to perfection. (again, all quality items that were originally made in the US)


I now sell on my website and travel the country vending at art events including the famed Country Living Fairs in Ohio, Georgia and Texas.

I also write a blog about my hunts and adventures, “trails and tribulations.”  While I sell a number of unique items, the typewriter jewelry is still my number one seller. I love the idea that you can touch the key and imagine who’s fingers came before yours so many years ago. And who knows what could have been written on it!

I am a big proponent of women in business, small business, and handmade. As well as supporting made in the USA and your local artists.  I am an artist sponsor of a local organization “I made it Market”  which serves the art community in Pittsburgh by orchestrating ‘markets’ all over the city numerous times each year. I was recently chosen in the “top 10 in jewelry” for the 10 Days of Indie Merchant Gifts, an annual celebration of the artists, craftspeople, designers and other independent merchants who make one-of-a-kind products on This was quite an exciting honor.

I like to claim I was ‘green’ long before ‘green’ was cool and while I still consider myself an ‘old school hippie’, (with new generations of crafter’s being predominately younger than me) I love seeing similarities between my generation’s designers and this new, emerging group of young people who enjoy art, the environment and a strong sense of community.”

Jeanne’s designs can be purchased from her website/online-store. You can also stay connected with Jeanne via her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Enter to Win Jeanne’s typewriter key jewelry by leaving a comment on this post. Do you have fond memories of using an old-fashioned typewriter? As a child I used to play with my Father’s typewriter. Today I fondly wear my ‘H’ juNxtaposition necklace in honor of that dusty old machine that jump started my writing career.

Jeanne’s typewriter key jewelry is created with keys taken from antiques typewriters. They are cleaned, polished and set in silver plated findings all created here is the US. While utilizing items for purposes other than that for which they were intended, combined with creative energy, unique prospective and other’s discarded ‘junk’ Jeanne designs eco friendly goods that are hip and trendy, while being appealing and useful to society – proving that ‘DIY Fashion’ can complement traditional fashion ideals.

THREE winners will be selected at random on December 10th and contacted via email. Two lucky winners will receive a typewriter key bracelet and the third will receive a typewriter key pendant necklace!

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95 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | juNxtaposition

  1. Vanessa says:

    We love Jeanne and her incredible creations! So glad to see her featured here and to learn more of the history behind her shop.

  2. Laurie says:

    Ahh the days before computers, how did we ever manage! Carbon paper and erasers with little plastic filament fans to brush away our mistakes, I thought white out was the invention of the century LOL.

  3. Sue Staum says:

    We had to take typing in ninth grade. Little did I know how thankful I would be 30 years later that I could still remember how to “type” but now on computers. I love your jewelry!

  4. Kristy says:

    Love this jewelry.

  5. barb says:

    Love the typewriter jewelry.. Recently bought a great old typewriter at the Brooklyn Flea to use.

  6. Kathleen Depweg says:

    These necklaces are so cute! Would make great gifts too!

  7. Kari says:

    I learned how to type on an old manual typewriter in high school. We had a few new electric ones in the class, but I never got one. I have decided that that is why I am a better typist today. Because it took more effort on the old models. Also learned to crochet from grandma when I was a little girl and still have the very first little cape I made. I love making my own jewelry as well, but just for myself.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I can hear my mom typing now. I actually like that sound. Her’s was a lovely shade of blue and I remember hitting the keys and getting in a little bit of trouble when I hit the backspace too much and ran out the corrective ink.

  9. Kim says:

    I love unique jewelry!

  10. Lisa Trogdon says:

    Loved your story and your preservation of history in such a creative way :)

  11. Kristen Ugrinic says:

    Your necklaces are gorgeous! I am in love with turning something old into something new and you have done it beautifully!

  12. Mary Beth Hunt says:

    We were just talking about typewriters at dinner tonight! I have a soft spot in my heart for typewriters……I’m a Journalism major from the days of cut, paste and type!

  13. Pam Ballard says:

    Thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway. I to am in love with turing old into new.. I am loving going through my parents belongings even though it is hard to do!!! I am loving their jewley and everything they held onto..

  14. Judy says:

    I love typography of any kind, especially in the realm of jewelry. You make beautiful things and I love that you repurpose everyday items from the past into beautiful works of art.

  15. Patricia says:

    Love the typewriter jewelry. The really old black keys are perfect for this.

  16. Bridgitte says:

    I’m right there with you as for being “green” before being green was cool. People use to roll their eyes at me when I would make comments about recycling something! Glad to have found your blog and look forward to learning a lot of crafting ideas here!

  17. Carrie says:

    Love the typewriter jewelry! I love the look of them!

  18. peggy says:

    I LOVE typewriter key jewelry — mainly because I earn my living as a “secretary” — remember taking my first typing class in high school with the manual typewriters and then moving up to an IBM selectric typewriter, then the wheel typewriter, then the computer keyboard. I have fond memories of typewriters. I have my father’s typewriter and I still have my first typewriter — it was a high school graduation gift. Thank for the wonderful giveaway!

  19. Mary Herbst says:

    When I was young my Grandpa gave us his old typewriter. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world and we used it until it broke. Ever since I’ve loved typewriters and often visit a local typewriter store where I hope to make a purchase soon :)

  20. Jeanette Roodhouse says:

    What a great idea! I have several old typewriters. Recently our daughter made the comment, she would like to have one. She is very artistic… Hmmm I think I have a good idea. Thank you

  21. nancy d says:

    I love this necklace! It brings back fond memories of warm summer nights. When I was young our neighbor used to do a lot of typing. I really don’t know what he wrote-I suppose he was of college age. His bedroom was directly across from mine on the second floor of the houses. I can remember drifting off to sleep by the clacking of the typewriter keys. I think that sound will forever take me back to my childhood.

  22. JUDY MIX says:

    Love your jewelry! We have a very old typewriter in our living room – all of the teens that come over have to type on it… and they always wonder how a person ever typed a research paper on it!

  23. jennifer zacharias says:

    I love this idea and how unique. I remember taking typing and dictation in high school and thinking I was going to be a great secretary someday. Now I selll advertising go figure. I would love to have this for myself but it would make a great gift too.

  24. My grandma was a school secretary for 20+ years, so during the summer when I visited, I got to clack, clack, clack BING! to my heart’s desire! What a gorgeous necklace!

  25. Cindy says:

    My husband and I search flea markets, estate sales and auctions for the off chance of finding these pieces of Americana. The feel of the metal, the bold letters and the of course…the wonderful sound as you come to the end of the sentence! So wonderful to see you refurbish these almost lost pieces of art.

  26. rachel says:

    My papa would love these!

  27. Michelle says:

    I went to school and learned to type on these typewriters, I guess that shows my age!

  28. Gloria says:

    Love Jeanne’s jewelry. I too played on my Dads typewriter. Sometimes not strong enough for the keys to make a clean strike. Wish I had possession of that old monstrous machine.

  29. sheri says:

    I love this jewelry! Would love to have the necklace :) Thanks.

  30. Rebecca says:

    I have some earrings and love them! They would look so great with another piece…….

  31. Deb says:

    LOVE your UNIQUE and CREATIVE jewelry:)

  32. Jackie says:

    I love your jewelry and your story! I remember these old typewriters, I can only envision the person using them, typing out “their” story!

    Thank you for a chance to win!

    God Bless

  33. Nancy says:

    I missed the opportunity to purchase a necklace made from a typewriter key some time ago and have been kicking myself ever since. I love celebrating handmade and appreciate the repurposed items so much. Oh, to go back in time when life really was so much simpler…..wouldn’t that be a nice vacation??

  34. Kim Stewart says:

    When I was in high school I chose to not take typing. My theory was I wasn’t going to be a secretary, I was going to have secretary so why did I ever need typing. Upon arriving at college, I quickly regretted my decision when needing to type all those papers!

  35. Cheryl Frederick says:

    Love your creations and story. I learned to type on the old style typewriters over fifty years ago!
    It is great seeing the old repurposed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Jem says:

    I still use a vintage typewriter now, she’s a 70s Silver Reed called Ethel and is quite the contrary Miss – but then I can’t blame her really, having to put up with me!

    My favourite memory of using a vintage typewriter probably has to be typing up a letter to Santa with my Nannie looking over my shoulder and making sure I spelt everything correctly!

    Jem xXx

  37. Becka says:

    love that she is giving old things new life. I wouldn’t saw it’s a fond memory but I learned to type on a typewriter.

  38. Beth Ann says:

    I loved typing! There is something really satisfying about the click of old fashioned keys, watching the letter arm flying up and down in all directions, that a computer just doesn’t deliver. :)

  39. kaxy hinds says:

    Love this!!!! Tried to take typing in HS. Did not get it in my schedule so I have been a hunt and peck typer ever since. Makes me appreciate EVERY letter! Would love one of these pieces of jewelry :)

  40. Teresa Vanselow says:

    I learned how to type on an old manual typewriter in high school. We had a few electric ones, but our teacher made everyone start out on the old manual ones. If you started typing too fast the keys would get stuck together. LOL Oh, what memories.

  41. Sharri Reeves says:

    When I was in highschool, we had to learn to type on an old manual typewriter, before we could use the “new” Selectric monsters. Wow, typewriters have come a long way, but for style, the new ones just aren’t the same.

  42. Love these! My memories are of my preacher-daddy in the next room, pointer-finger typing out his sermons on a very old Royal, black, with the elite type, that made all the circles of letters like p, q, d, fuzzy. Oh how I loved that typewriter, and I am very sad that I lost it last year. This jewelry will connect us still.

  43. Ruth Barnes, Southern Junkers Group-Memphis, Tn. says:

    Your jewelry is so very unique and brings back so many memories. What a wonderful way to Repurpose something that so many of us remember and can relate to. Thank you for taking something we all love and giving it new life for everyone to enjoy!

  44. Janet says:

    I love old typewriters! I can still remember trying to use correction tape for the mistakes I made!
    Definitely a lost art!

  45. Allison says:

    Love! Love! Love!!

  46. Chrissy says:

    These are great! I used to watch my mom use the typewriter everyday – she would work on scripts for my dads documentaries.

  47. Amy says:

    When I was younger I typed with a typewriter. I too remember the white out and not being patient enough to let it dry. Then typing over the same letter numerous times in order for it to show up! My kids make fun of how hard I type on the computer, it must be from typing on a typewriter.
    I know Jeanne personally and love her things! She truly loves what she does!

  48. CONNIE says:

    I had to giggle at Amy’s comment above….I have so many of the same memories! I love, love, love this jewelry and have hoped for a gift from her. This could be my chance!

  49. Samantha says:

    My memories of a vintage typewriter….the clackity clack, sticking keys…the ding at the end of a line…returning the carriage manually.

  50. Amy says:

    Yes and I can still feel it and hear it when I close my eyes. Makes me think of my Grandparents with so much love.

  51. Tina S says:

    So cute! I used to peck out words on my grandpa’s typewriter when I was a little girl. When I got tired of words I’d just keep hitting the same key over and over just so I could hear the bell ding at the end of the line! I’d love to have a pendant as a reminder of my grandpa and those wonderful childhood memories.

  52. Linda Owens says:

    I love the repurposed typewriter keys. I used a typewriter years ago and still have a typewriter which fascinated my daughters. To them it’s an antique and they can’t believe there was such a thing before computers.

  53. Sara says:

    I have been a writer my whole life… one of my first toys was a little child’s typewriter with ribbon. Clickety clack, clickety clack! I wish I still had that little orange thing. Then I moved up to my sister’s blue one. In sixth grade, I learned to type and was a whiz – my first job was in high school because the typing teacher had nothing to teach me. I was the best teenage data entry clerk that downtown company had seen – speed AND accuracy. I miss the old typwriters. I HATE the touch screen keyboards – can’t keep up with my typing and doesn’t really feel like it’s doing anything.
    LOVE the jewelry – bought some for my daughter this year.

  54. Katie says:

    My 7th grade class was the last class of my school district to take typing class using typewriters (I graduated in 2003.) How fun to re-purpose the keys for jewelry!

  55. Erica H says:

    Fabulous! I still use a vintage typewriter!

  56. Nanci says:

    My Dad had an old typewriter in the office at his shop. I used to play office with my sister, and Loved playing on his old typewriter. I pinched my fingers many times trying to untangle the keys when I typed faster than the keys could !! Love your jewerly!
    Merry Christmas!!

  57. Karen says:

    Oh, these are beautiful!
    I remember playing on an old typewriter at my great aunt and uncle’s house when I was a little girl. I would pretend it was a cash register when playing store!
    Thanks so much,
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  58. Gwen says:

    Awesome creations! I’ve used an old-fashioned typewriter before, and had typing in high school – kids now have no idea they have it so good!

  59. Leslie says:

    When I was a kid my best friend was Carolyn Smith from the Smith-Carono family ..they had hundreds of typewriters in their house..every time I see a typewriter from that era it takes me back to a happy childhood.

  60. Peg says:

    Nothing will ever replace old typewriters…they worked whether you had electricity or not!

  61. kim says:

    Love the old typewriters. Love your jewelry! I remember taking typing in school. Our typewriter keys were not this cool though! Love the black background on the keys.

  62. I too played with a typewriter at my grandparent’s home… I believe it was my grandmother’s since there is no way my farmer grandfather would have used one! I loved the clickety-clack of an old typewriter in use :)


  63. Robin W. says:

    I love her work!! What a terrific chance to win one of her creations!!! And to have a typewriter key – who knows who touched it!!! Or created with it!!! What a lovely feeling!!! Thanks!!!

  64. Ann says:

    Love the idea behind the product and the jewelry is beautiful!

  65. Tagati says:

    Being a child of the 50′s, I first learned how to type on a manual typewriter (I believe it was a Remington). One year I received a portable typewriter as a gift; fancy, shmancy, it was blue!

    Then upon entering the work force, I used an electric IBM selectric and moved from that to the PC world. Began with an Apple, moved off to a Compaq and then just kept adding machines and software packages!

    Hard to believe so many things have been created since I began using something other than a pencil or pen (and I still prefer fountain pens!).

  66. Love, love, love your jewelry!! It looks like we have a lot of interests in common. I love your story and Folk Magazine’s blog. I try to recapture some of the past in my art jewelry pieces. I believe in honoring the past which you have done so beautifully.

    Keep on creating!!!

  67. Janet says:

    I also was a ’50s kid who made the progression from learning to type as a kid on about a 1935 Underwood manual that weighed a “ton” to perfecting skills in high school on an IBM Selectric. Who would have thought that would ever be replaced with a keyboard plugged into something called a PC! I really love the nostalgic jewelry from juNxtaposition!!

  68. Christie says:

    My father, who was an Information Officer in the Air Force, firmly believed that I should know how to type when I was young. He found records with typing lessons on them for me and I banged away on his old typewriter. I can’t say I appreciated it at the time, but I certainly do now. I sure do wish I had that typewriter today. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  69. Denise Fuller says:

    Love…Love…Love Old Typewriter Jewels!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  70. Allison S. says:

    Gorgeous! I’m swooning from the joy of junk!

  71. Kelsey says:

    My first job was to clean my dad’s office once per week (my sisters and I all helped out and essentially got an allowance for it). The office had an old typewriter that we would check out each weekend, leaving notes for my dad on his desk for Monday morning :) . Neat re-purposing; brings back a fun memory.

  72. Shawn Johnson says:

    I love the idea of typewriter key jewelry it looks amazing. I would have never thought of doing something like that. My grandfather had an old typewriter he gave to my dad and all us siblings would type on it!!

  73. Sarah Nutter says:

    I LOVE old typewriters!! I wish we still used them today :) . This is a fabulous giveaway!

  74. Margo Shute says:

    I had a vintage typewriter and use to display my kids Santa lists in it every Christmas! :-)

  75. Kristen Sherman says:

    Just last week, I was trying to tell my son that I learned to “keyboard” on a typewriter. Can you believe that they start kiddos typing in kindergarten these days? I miss the old typewriter my parents had and I learned to type on. I love the aesthetic of the not so perfect font. I’d definitely love to win and am considering the typewriter necklaces for my bridesmaids!

  76. Ann says:

    I love old typewriters, too! I love displaying my old one.

  77. Sheila Belveal says:

    I learned on an electric in high school but did try a manual. My husband loves the old typewriters! He says he likes that he has to press hard to type. It’s amazing how early they are having kids learn to type and it’s so much easier with the keyboards. I love things from the past…they bring back so many fond memories.

  78. Cathy says:

    Old typewriters remind me of typing on my grandmother’s typewriter with my cousins when I was young. Wish I had that typewriter today!

  79. Linda says:

    What fond memories! Old typewriters…..

  80. Debbie says:

    Each piece is so unique – love them all!

  81. Arcia says:

    what a sweet giveaway..

  82. Jesica says:

    Love it! Every time I see an antique typewriter I just have to touch it! We never had one in our home, but my mother in law has one that I wish I could sneak out in my suitcase this Christmas!

  83. Cheryl says:

    I have a few on display in my home. Treasures are the OLD typewriters :)

  84. Cheryl says:

    Love the old typewriters, nothing like them!

  85. regaroni says:

    I love these necklaces! I tend to always buy for everyone else – but would love this for myself – along with anything upcycled. Especially when you think of the story that could be behind each typewriter.

  86. Ti says:

    LOVE the vintage typewriters!!! and love this jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  87. Lynn M says:

    We just inherited an old green manual typewriter from my husband’s uncle after he passed away at 90. The angency cleaning out his house thought we were crazy for asking for the typewriter. But I L.O.V.E. it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Dana - {Crafted Niche} says:

    We had an old typewriter in the barn when I was little. My sisters and I had fun playing with it and pretending we were actually typing something!

  89. Pattie Ealy says:

    I have a vintage typewriter that I treasure, these pieces make me smile! Would love to win!

  90. Jennifer H says:

    We had a blue typewriter when I was younger. I would play with it for hours. I wanted to be a writer for so long when I was a kid. That never happened. I think my creativity (and spelling abilities) peaked as a child. :-)

  91. Susan E. says:

    Love the old typewriters! I remember growing up and trying to learn to type on my Mom’s old Underwood. Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. Melissa says:

    I actually learnt how to type at a secretarial school back in 1992, very proficiently I might add!

  93. LuAnn says:

    I too learned on a manual typewriter–in high school and business school (early 70′s). I even have an old one to display. Thank you for this opportunity. I was able to meet Jeanne this fall at “Weekend in the Country” in Michigan.

  94. Malissa says:

    I love antique everything, My house is filled with beautiful old pieces that many of friends don’t understand my style. I seen these at the Ellwood Arts Festival and have been in love with this jewelry ever since. I hope I win one!!!

  95. Laura says:

    I so love this jewelry!!! THanks for this opportunity!

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