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Beth Quinn Designs | Handmade Jewelry Bag

We all want to keep things organized but we rarely ever stick with those new year resolutions. Tonight’s Gift Guide Giveaway features Beth Quinn Designs and her Handmade Jewelry Bags. Gift one this holiday season and ensure that your loved ones have a stylish, American-made way to keep organized. It can be used for jewelry or makeup. You can also tuck it into your purse as a stylish wallet! Beth shares her story below:

“I have had a passion for creating since I was a little girl. I grew up working with metals in my dad’s metalworking shop and loved every moment of it. Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I know  just how important independent businesses are. I watched my father struggle and build his business. He was self employed all his life and worked hard to follow his dreams! When he passed away several years ago I inherited many of his metal working tools and am so happy that I get to use them in a different way.

Knowing that I wanted to stay at home and take care of my children I turned my passion for creating into what is now my jewelry business. I have now been in business making jewelry for over 6 years. Iam so blessed to get to do what I love and pursue my passion for creating things with metal (and now fabric too!) I love being a part of the Handmade movement in this country and think being a small business is one of the most important things this country needs!!  I am so fortunate and blessed to do what I love and would encourage anyone to follow their dreams and passion. You just never know where that journey will take you!!”

Interested in learning more about Beth Quinn Designs?

Visit her website/online store and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Enter to Win this handmade jewelry bag perfect for taking on your next journey or using as a wallet or makeup bag for your purse. It is created with bits of vintage laces and wonderful carpet bag style fabric, embroidered words and a luxurious velvet lining. Just leave a comment on this post. Where has your heart led you? A winner will be selected at random on December 8th and contacted via email.

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39 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | Beth Quinn Designs

  1. Karen Leigh says:

    Such a sweet piece!!!!

  2. Patricia says:

    My heart led me to the man who would be my husband almost 41 years ago. We’ve been together ever since.
    Lovely giveaway.

  3. Pam Ballard says:

    What a generous giveaway. Today my heart led me in the direction to welcome change and not fight what I cannot change.. Blessings Pam

  4. Jessie says:

    How lovely :)

  5. rachel says:


  6. Becca C. says:

    That’s just a beautiful piece! My heart has led me to my passion :)

  7. Anna Gregory says:

    Love the use of vintage lace & fabric on the bag! Simply scrumptious!

  8. nancy d says:

    I adore this bag and the vintage sweetness!! My heart has led me to all things vintage and using some of these things to create new things!

  9. Connie Starkey says:

    Always such beautiful artists featured in your give always! Creative and heartfelt :-)

    My heart has led me to a wonderful man, helped me to be a loving mother and friend. Seeing this particular bag, I envision tucking away my wedding rings and two other very personal rings. Snug in this splendor!


  10. Cheryl Frederick says:

    This is fabulous as are all of your creations! I have a few special pieces of jewelry I would love to tuck into this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Kazy Hinds says:

    My heart always leads me home, because that is where my heart is…home with my family…love this bag…just beautiful!

  12. Teresa Vanselow says:

    My heart lead me to becoming a teacher.

  13. tammy hebert says:

    All of Beth’s work is aMazIng. She is one great artist. I’d love to win and then be honored to show it off everywhere I go.

  14. Victoria says:

    My heart led me to Indiana!

  15. Erica H says:

    This is so beautifully crafted!

  16. Judy Cannon says:

    My heart led me to the open desert and blue skies of Arizona where I fell in love with wide-open spaces and heart-breaking sunsets.

  17. My heart led my to my husband. He is also my best friend!

  18. Sue says:

    Your jewelry bag is adorable, I would love to have one. My heart led me to my husband ,then mom, then the best part, Gramma. Trickle down effect.

  19. Sarah Nutter says:

    This is so cute, I can’t even stand it!!

    My heart has led to me to the country. Really and truly. I’m a city girl, born and raised in Dallas/Chicago, and the thought of moving to the country and living a simple, quiet life makes my mouth water. :)

  20. Shawn Johnson says:

    Beautiful piece of art. I love handmade stuff. My heart has led me to my family, I love being with them!!

  21. Jasmin says:

    My heart led and leads me to a life of happiness. My passion is skincare, I get to help others relax feel good in their own skin. My heart and happiness has also led and blessed me with a wonderful man, whom I am thankful for everyday. My heart has led me to an appreciation, for my loved ones, and to all that is around me.
    I love your work, Beth! I have purchased items for my Momma and BFF. I look forward to sharing more!

  22. Katie says:

    This bag is so beautiful. I also love that we have been finding our way back to simple handmade items in this country. Best of luck to you and your wonderful business :)

  23. I really like the saying on this, and the “heart” of your designs. Following my heart has led me to adopting two children, branching out to become a whole “new” me, and to creating a life that is full of happiness and inspiration.

  24. Nanci says:

    My Heart has led me to the man I love and have shared 30 years together, also (my Heart)
    traveled to the hearts of my two awesome children!! My daughter needs that bag to keep
    track of all the things she carries around!!
    Merry Christmas

  25. Linda says:

    Love Beth’s designs. A girl can never have too much glitter. :)

  26. kim says:

    I too like many of the woman on this page, heart has led them to sweetheart of many years. My husband of 34 years, along with my children and now a grandson which steals my heart!

  27. Kim Stewart says:

    My heart has led me back to working for myself.

  28. Beth Ann says:

    my heart has led me to keep writing, and to a very satisfying job helping young children learn to communicate more effectively. :)

  29. Tina S says:

    This jewelry pouch is gorgeous!!! My heart has led me to my family first and to a grief ministry for parents whose children have died. It is heartbreaking but very fulfilling to work with these parents as they navigate life after the loss of their precious babies.

  30. Laurie Forbes says:

    My heart increasing leads me ‘home’; whether visiting the area where I grew up (in the country), or creating various ‘country/rustic’ pieces for my home (in the city).

  31. Ann says:

    Beautiful! I need a bag to travel with my jewelry.

  32. Jem says:

    My heart is a confusing and wily thing, it lead me to writing though and for that I’m truly grateful. It also wants to take me home to my family far more often than I can get there!

    Jem xXx

  33. Cheryl says:

    I LOVE BAGS……all kinds….can NEVER have too many!

  34. Ti says:

    ADOREABLE! and what great artisans and gift give aways!!!
    Thanks for introducing us to them!

  35. Such a darling little purse! Makes me think vintage! I followed my passion to make custom lampshades. Some are with vintage fabrics and some are new. I love fabric and anything cute!!!

  36. Judy says:

    I love this little purse, so cute and would go with many things. My heart is full of praise to God from whom all blessings flow!

  37. Pattie Ealy says:

    Love these vintage looks! So talented!

  38. Michelle says:

    It’s leading me to my dreams, I always trust my heart! Love love Beth Quinn!

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