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In 2002, Lawson Nickol had a job he enjoyed with an income that supported his family. Looking down the road he saw promise of a comfortable retirement. But he didn’t foresee the approaching bump in the road. As a sales manager for a USA jeans manufacturer, he believed he was doing the right thing by selling a product that was as American as “Mom, apple pie and baseball”. One evening while shopping in a retail store he discovered his company’s label on a pair of jeans; a style he had not seen before. His initial reaction was “great, our retail division has branched into a retail chain and that means healthy growth. This is good! Wrong…. unfortunately that bump in the road had just arrived. Lawson noticed the label indicated “Made in Mexico”. With a frantic and disappointing call to headquarters he confirmed the tag was accurate. Suddenly there was a disturbing realization; his employer had begun to outsource.

What he did about it:

The thought of sending jobs outside our borders didn’t sit well with Lawson and he was certain it would not be acceptable to the USA labor market where he had sold for years. His passion and reputation was built by offering quality USA Made jeans. This discovery was devastating. Within days he turned in his resignation.

A hope and a dream:

Lawson decided he must continue to support USA made and the loyal clients that still want to buy USA, even if he had to make the jeans himself. Weeks later with his son BJ and wife Mary Ann, Lawson and the Nickol family started the All American Clothing Co. The first several years were tough, the company survived on family savings, taking financial risks and working long hours. Yet each year the company continued to grow. The dream came true….Today, All American Clothing Co. produces thousands of jeans per year and continues to provide many Americans with jobs!

Enter to win a $50 gift card from All American Clothing Co. simply by following them on Facebook. One lucky winner will be announced on the All American Clothing Co. Facebook page on January 1st 2013!  Be sure to also connect with All American Clothing Co. on Twitter (@AllAmericanJean).

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10 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | All American Clothing Co.

  1. Gotta say i love these clothes. =)

  2. Sandi Allen says:

    Liked and Following on Facebook! Thanks!

  3. Lor Garcia says:

    Love, Love, Love All American Clothing Co.!

  4. Starr Burgess says:

    Like! And following…

  5. Kristi W says:

    Awesome company and giveaway! Thank you :-) Following on facebook

  6. Jane says:

    Awesome to find another company committed to being Made in America! This is how we will change the very “fabric” of America and restore our economy!

  7. Lisa Sommers says:

    Liked on FB, thank you for the great giveaway offerings!

  8. Katie says:

    How awesome!

  9. Arcia says:

    liked on fb. great repeatability.

  10. Laura says:

    Love this and liked on fb.

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