A Pre-New Years Celebration

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Well, we’re still here! Not that I had any doubt, but if you give me a reason to celebrate…I’m going to take it and run like the wind with confetti in hand. Yesterday was a day to reflect on my priorities, and to have cake before dinner. Actually, cake was dinner.

New Years Party

We celebrated the LIFE in us, the passion for creating, the DAY. We celebrated all we have been blessed with, and everyone we’ve been blessed BY. Today truly is a privilege, we aren’t promised tomorrow. With that said, we soaked it in. Being alive is pretty amazing, and I’m grateful for my health and ability to enjoy every minute of my life that I can. Hey Earth, thanks for sticking around.

New Years party hat & gilded jar

New Years party decor

We made party hats, but we didn’t fuss too much with them. They’re held together with tape, and decorated with confetti. Yesterday wasn’t about perfection. We had our local baker make us some cakes in jars, and then painted the outside of them with shiny gold paint; my favorite! These cakes were insanely good. There’s an old expression, “so good it’ll make you want to slap your momma!” — while I can’t say that I’ve ever physically felt like slapping my mother who was kind enough to raise, feed, and clothe me, I have to say that Sweet Paul brought me pretty darn close. I’ll just amend it to say “Sweet Paul’s chocolate cakes are so good, they’ll make you wanna call your momma up and give her the recipe!” Delightfully moist and full of flavor, these cakes hit the spot. I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs, SFGirlByBay. You’ve just got to make these cakes…they are good to the last bite.

New Years Party Ideas

We decorated with confetti (of course), craft paper, gold icicles, noisemakers, mismatched plates, painted ornaments, and whatever else we could find in the house.

New Years party decor

We took our painted ornaments off the tree and gave them party hats. They were our guests of honor. Those party animals…

New Years party decor

We also painted one jar hot pink and used gold paint to give it polka dots. Very simple and it added just the right pop of color to the table!

New Years party decor

new years party decor

We had a fabulous white wine, but the party just needed more bubbles. We used clear ornaments hung from the ceiling to emulate champagne bubbles. Perfection!

new years party decor

new years party decor

New Years party decor


You can’t ring in the new year/potential end of the world without fireworks, so we put sparklers on top of our cakes. Hindsight? Don’t light them while they’re still in the cake. Ashes are not fun to brush off the top of your cake, but they sure did look pretty.

New Years party decor

new years party decor


new years party

new years party

We ate our cake and sat in the candlelight, and enjoyed the moment. Life really is beautiful. I’m glad I get to spend some of it blogging for you! What did you do yesterday? What were your thoughts? Here’s a playlist to ring in 2013 while you’re thinking about it! Just click on the graphic and it will open Spotify!

New Years playlist by FOLK Magazine





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6 Responses to A Pre-New Years Celebration

  1. What a gorgeous party! Hey, leave it up for a few more days and you’re all ready for New Years! :)

  2. nova c. says:

    Really pretty and fun! Love it!

  3. Becca C. says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful. :)

  4. Tiffany | Offbeat & Inspired says:

    I love everything about this. First of all, HILARIOUS. Second of all, ADORABLE. I love the decor so much, I’m definitely going to be doing cakes in jars with sparklers and confetti. Or I can just come over for a “The World Isn’t Ending” party… either one works for me! :)

  5. Heylen says:

    This is WONDERFUL!!!!!

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