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That Old Blue House | Vintage Lace Bib Necklace

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who could use a classic and timeless necklace made of vintage lace? We’ve got you covered with tonight’s Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway from Lisa at That Old Blue House. Lisa shares her story below:

“Growing up in Connecticut, I was always making something. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was an only child and my parents wanted to keep me busy. At the time my father owned a photo finishing studio and I loved going to work with him. It was an old building and I remember exploring the upstairs, which hadn’t been used for years. The fear of walking past cob webs, and the excitement of finding left behind treasures in the old desks may just have been the spark that started my love of old things.

I took my first Stained Glass class 20 years ago. I wanted to make a lamp. That was my sole reason for taking the class. My husband bought me all of the supplies… so I was stuck. I couldn’t give it up! A friend then offered to put some of my sun-catchers in her Florist shop and  one sold… shock!!! I was hooked.

My work has evolved over the years. I now work with the items I love: quilts, lace, glass buttons, paper, etc. For me the hunt is the most fun! It takes me back to those days exploring my father’s studio. By using lace, quilt and found objects in my jewelry I feel I am paying homage to the women and men who originally created these treasures years ago.”

For more from That Old Blue House be sure to like Ann’s Facebook page and check out her Etsy shop!

Enter to Win this beautiful Vintage lace piece placed between micro-thin glass, soldered and finished with an antiqued patina.  This lovely bib necklace hangs from an 18” antiqued brass chain. Just leave a comment on this post! A winner will be randomly selected on November 24th and contacted via email. What is your favorite vintage item to hunt for?

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105 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | That Old Blue House

  1. Heather says:

    What a wonderful story and what a gorgeous, gorgeous necklace! I would love to enter my name in the drawing. Its just beautiful…timeless and lovely!

  2. Peggy Eiland says:

    Beautiful necklace; I would give it to my Mother

  3. This necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I just love Ann’s work and will certainly check out her FB page and Etsy as well…I would SO love to be entered to win this beauty!! What do I love to collect?? Fragile antique lace, beautiful ephemera with wonderful old typography and tattered antique books, to name a few :)

  4. sandra says:

    So unique! Really pretty

  5. Cindy Ferguson says:

    This is such a wonderful way to use old lace!! I would be honoured to wear such a lovely object!

  6. Shanna says:

    What a beautiful statement piece! Now I must go look at her other wonderful jewelry.

  7. Denise says:

    I love how you preserve the past. The necklace is beautiful. I love looking for vintage “treasures” too. Currently, I would say my favorite thing to hunt for would be dishes….however…it changes frequently. :) Please enter my name in the drawing. Thank you.

  8. Debbie Sanders says:

    so pretty and so unique….would be perfect for a bride or a new mother!

  9. Shirley says:

    Beautiful!!! Love vintage jewelry

  10. Sharon libick says:

    It reminds me of my precious Nana

  11. koralee says:

    Oh how lovely is this!! Happy dance….please enter my name. My favourite vintage find…my heart stops when I see Pink pyrex…or ironstone!

  12. Sharon libick says:

    Reminds me of my precious Nana!!!

  13. Jody Smith says:

    Lovely necklace! Collecting? Hmmm just about anything that catches my eye-as evidence of a packed house, garage, shops, etc……

  14. Amanda says:

    Beautiful. I am a sucker for all things old, especially books. I love the smell of yellowed pages and notes written in the margins.

  15. Jeannine says:

    Love this necklace! I’m always on the hunt for old tonka trucks! jdigioia(at)mac(com)

  16. Angela Sperry says:

    This necklace is so unique. I would love to win! I love old kitchen items. Things that were chosen by a woman a very long time ago and were touched by her hands make me concious of those who went before.

  17. Amanda says:

    the necklace is”just right”. how do you do that? I love vintage furniture too!

  18. Cinda says:

    Your necklace is stunning. I love odd bits of lace made into jewelry.
    My favorite vinage items are old wooden boxes with printed graphics/labels.

  19. This necklace is so beautiful. I love the vintage element of lace mixed with metal. My favorite vintage items to hunt for are mid century vases and paint by numbers. Thank you for a chance to win.

  20. Debbie Adams says:

    What a beautiful necklace! I love it, so simple and elegant. ♥

  21. Jessica says:

    I love old books with beautiful covers & illustrations, handmade wooden furniture, vintage/antique miniatures, and old toys.

  22. Deborrah says:

    What a unique and stunning way to repurpose a vintage item! I have quite a few crochet doilies that I’ve gathered over the years — including some made by my grandmother and my mother. Vintage linens is a love of mine!!!

  23. Carrie says:

    I love looking for old cookbooks.

    Beautiful necklace!

  24. So pretty! I also tried my hand at stained glass. I ended up giving the grinder, glass, and all supplies to my sister, lol. Now I love old things as well. Nothing more excting than digging through a jar of old buttons! :-) Please throw my name in the hat.

  25. Janet Comby says:

    Lovely necklace!

  26. Glenda says:

    I just found this site an am already in love with this necklace. Brings back memories of the doilies that my grandmother made. Would be honored to wear this

  27. Glenda says:

    Please enter me in this drawing,, I love the old doilies and jewelry of the past in many pieces. So many great memories. Please enter me. Happy to find your sight.

  28. Glenda says:

    Please enter me in this great give away. …. I love to collect vintage jewelry and pink dishes

  29. Heidi says:

    I love to search for vintage sheets. I’m making my first quilt, and it’s all from upcycled vintage finds. :)

  30. Kari says:

    That necklace is GORGEous! Would love to win it!

  31. Melissa says:

    Love this!!! I love a variety of vintage items but do not collect any one thing. I gravitate toward vintage kitchen items. :)

  32. Kristi says:

    Please enter me in thus fabulous contest! I loooove vintage style :-)

  33. Suki says:

    I know someone who would love this necklace. Hope I can win it for them.

  34. Pam Ballard says:

    Lovely necklace! Thanks for the chance.

  35. Kristen Sherman says:

    Gorgeous! I am crazy for lace and would love to win. :)

  36. Kathleen Ditmore says:

    This is truly lovely! Thank you for the opportunity to win. Folk Magazine looks like a winner too! Think I will have to subscribe!

  37. Pam says:

    This is a beautiful piece which I would love to have in my collection!

  38. Rebecca says:

    I love lace right now and embroidery hoops are one thing I always search for in vintage shops! Beautiful combo!

  39. Jodi Keller says:

    I love love love this! Love the simplicity & the vintage look! Oh & we win a magazine?! It’s a win win!

  40. Debbie says:

    What a lovely creation and generous give-away! Please enter me into the drawing. I love all things old, but vintage Santa’s hold a special place in my heart.

  41. Sue says:

    Such a lovely piece that was obviously created with heart by Ann! It’s always fun to hear how others became inspired with re-purposing found objects. I have a soft spot for odd-ball items that can be used as display pieces. Over the weekend I found a part of an old metal hose reel that will be used as a cloche base. Quirky is my middle name! Thanks for the opportunity to win this necklace – please enter me in this give-away. ~Sue

  42. Marianne says:

    This piece of jewelery is use perfect. I would love these piece. So vintage and lovely ;-)

  43. Whitney B. says:

    I love this necklace! It would be the perfect gift for about 5 people on my list!

  44. rachal says:

    This is gorgeous!

  45. Melissa Nichols says:

    Visited Lisa’s etsy shop, such great pieces! Love the honey gold nugget necklace.

  46. Cheryl Frederick says:

    Love this and all your other jewelry is fantastic, so unique!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. stacey traister says:

    Beautiful! I will check out the etsy site as well.

  48. Ti says:

    that is sooo cool! love it and thanks for the chance! May everyone be filled w/ blessings and thankfulness!!!

  49. Debbie says:

    I’d love to know the story behind this piece of lace! Please enter me in the contest – this would be a perfect gift for my daughter (or maybe I will keep it for myself)

  50. Beverly Mulllins says:

    The necklace is gorgeous!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a special piece of jewelry!

  51. Christie says:

    I love this necklace. I collect a variety of vintage items – jewelry, linens, books, whatever catches my fancy when I’m out and about. Thank you for this opportunity.

  52. Nanci says:

    I love vintage valentine and christmas cards, also any crocks are snagged up if I find them. Love your jewerly!! will definitely look you up on etsy.
    Merry Christmas

  53. Pat says:

    Your etsy shop is the best. Love the lace necklace and would proudly wear it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  54. Erica H says:

    What a beautiful necklace, and a wonderful story about your journey from student to artist.

  55. Beautiful necklace. Also reminds me of my grandmother.
    I love looking for vintage cameras. I try to imagine who owned the camera and all the pictures that were taken with the camera.

  56. Jennifer says:

    Lovely necklace! My favorite vintage things to search for are watering cans and linens.

  57. Sarah Nutter says:

    This is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I am a 25-year-old antique collector and am completely “sold” :) .

  58. Teresa Vanselow says:

    Such a beautiful necklace!

  59. Lindy Turner says:

    So precious. Would be perfect for my daughter. My grandmother taught me how to crochet. When I married in 1977 and moved to England she gave me 2 starter blocks of The Road to the White House pattern in ecru string and taught me the pattern to make a bedspread. I worked and worked on it and nearly got enough blocks to finish for a full sized bed over many, many years between working full time and raising 2 kids. Then we bought a King sized bed and I just lost heart. I taught my daughter to crochet when she was 16 and she is amazing! I passed on my basket of blocks including the first two that my grandmother had made to her in hopes that she will finish the bed spread project for her own home when she marries. This necklace would be a wonderful token of what has been passed through 4 generations of my family in a modern way.

  60. Peg says:

    This is gorgeous! Thank you for your consideration!

  61. Melody says:

    What a great way to honor a piece of antique handywork, beautiful! I like to search for antique office supplies and old ledgers written with “real” ink…… :) )))

  62. Kim L. says:

    That necklace is totally me! I love it and would wear it every day!

  63. Anjeanette says:

    So classic! I’d have a hard time deciding if I wanted to keep it for my birthday Friday or give it as a gift!

  64. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    Old lace is so lovely and making it inot a necklace allows us to enjoy it! Thanks for the giveaway! MB

  65. I loved Lisa’s story and adore the lace necklace!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Lana says:

    I’d love a chance to win! Thanks!

  67. Eliza Bivins Fink says:

    We hunt for a lot of vintage things in our family – mostly vintage gifts this time of year…

  68. heidi defaut says:

    I have always collected “old” things and if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be costume jewelry. I have been lucky enough to be gifted jewelry from friends’ moms when the friend wasn’t into it.It made them even better knowing who they came from. I wear some of it and have made things with some and have loved gifting it to other people who like that sort of thing.

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  71. peggy says:

    beautiful creation! thanks for the fabulous giveaway …

  72. Nicole Roux says:

    This is such a unique piece; what an awesome vintage style!

  73. Michelle says:

    I would have to keep it for myself!

  74. I adore this artists work.
    Her necklaces are beautiful and eye catching !
    Thanks for offering this lovely giveaway.
    I am always on the look out for Vintage textiles.

  75. Kara says:

    That necklace is beyond gorgeous! After looking through her shop, I want it all!

  76. Shawn Johnson says:

    Wow, what an awesome necklace, it truly is beautiful. What I like to hunt for is everything. I just love all kinds of junk, antiques and crafts!! Thank you, I would really love to win this!!!

  77. Sue says:

    I am so glad I found you on the Folk blog..Thanks for the chance of winning a piece of your art.
    Your work is exceptional.

  78. Lynn says:

    I love Lisa’s work and have been wanting one of her pieces for quite a while, thanks for the chance to win one.

  79. I have been following posts. I perpetually find you articles enlightening.

  80. jennifer humphrey says:

    this is a great necklace, so unique.

  81. Robin Preston says:

    amazing! I love the glass and lace combo- using your stained glass skills?

  82. Patricia says:

    Beautiful necklace.

  83. Lucy says:

    Wow! This is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Amanda says:

    Im always drawn to vintage books and picture frames. Any vintage item is my favorite. Jewelry is harder to come by unless you go to estate sales.

    Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  85. laurie ensz says:

    love this necklace – vintage is the way to go and such a great look. Thanks for keeping these items going!

  86. Teresa says:

    Beautiful necklace! Silver servers & ladles…

  87. Kim Stewart says:

    Truly beautiful! Vintage dishes- especially vintage Fiesta! But vintage linens and quilts come in a close second!

  88. Theresa says:

    Your necklace is so beautiful! Our youngest, our sweet daughter is graduating this year. I have looked for that something as special as she is….that is hard for any parent. When I saw your necklace and shared it with my sweet hubby he smiled and repeated my thoughts. That’s our Girl!
    He also stated the memories it brought to him as a little boy when his mom made lace…she passed almost 30 years ago. Oh to have a special piece of it now………thank you for the beautiful memories of special people and times !….!

  89. Laura says:

    Beautiful necklace. My favorite vintage items to look for are mid century modern furniture and McCoy pottery.

  90. This lovely lace necklace immediately transported me back to my late grandmother’s house. A simple house, but one with hand crocheted lace doilies in every room. A house where I spent many joyful hours with granny and pawpaw in their gardens, in their kitchen, learning to quilt and whittle, and where I watched granny comb out her beautiful long braids every evening before bed. Whether or not I win, Thank you for this trip down memory lane!

  91. Laurie Buck says:

    Beautiful necklace! I love anything vintage, but vintage Christmas has to be my favorite. Or vintage glass. OK, I can go on and on…I love vintage anything!

    Here’s my email:

  92. Trish says:

    I love vintage quilts! (When I can find them – slim picking where I live!)

  93. Kathy says:

    My favorite vintage item to hunt for is floral prints. I would love a chance to win, thank you.

  94. Jeanette Roodhouse says:

    Very unique, love it!

  95. ruby t says:

    Who doesn’t love old lace and buttons? Lovely way to display all of those wonderful
    little bits.Thank you

  96. Nancy D says:

    I love this! Things like this are my favorite finds. I adore old pieces of fabric and quilts. I collect vintage kitchen towels; buttons and doilys. This necklace is perfect for me!

  97. Just beautiful, I would love to win this, Di

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  99. sandi says:

    This is a clever and lovely way to display old lace! Oh, pretty sure it would love to live at my house :-)

  100. What a lovely way to wear history!

  101. Rachael W says:

    Gorgeous! What a wonderful giveaway :-)

  102. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous necklace, wonderful story :) Merry Christmas!!

  103. Kerin says:

    p r e t t y

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